Saturday, August 26, 2017

Painting on the Back Porch - Hurricane Harvey - Poem about Powerball Winner

 Zeke came a knocking on my front door. Rode his scooter over. He was up for doing anything and suggested we make a salad together. Then I said Why don't we go on the back porch and paint!

So we did. These are pieces of Styrofoam that came with my new printer. I had him go home, ask his mum if he could, and to change into 'painting close' as did I.
 Gosh, I have loads of paint.

He was fascinated by my rags and asked where I got this mens' sock. Dunno.
 Tomro is Grace's seventh bday. This is the gift I bought her. Nilla wafers.

 Sarah and Ethan: He writes from his blog: A new DTM page reviews the marvelous experience Sarah and I had in Cornwall at the St. Endellion festival. Topics include Mark Padmore, Sebald, Britten, and the harp.

Ah, to be there.

Here's where I was 15 minutes ago.
Image result for diabolique
Watching Diabolique on TCM.

More images please in this very scary and shocking film

Image result for diabolique

Apparently Hitchcock wanted to make it but a French dude got there first.

Here's Roger Ebert's review of the 1995 film.

When I walked home from Scott's house - he had slept thru two Simone Signoret films - Room at the Top and Diabolique - I walked myself down the block a bit.

Twas very bright - at around 11 30  under a street light. I hurried by like a thief. What was I carrying in my hands?

My glucose tabs, a CTAS catalog, and a blue plastic bag.

The movie THE SHACK, free at the Huntingdon Valley library. I read the reviews which were awful but decided to go anyway.

The movie was terrible. I'd describe it as a proselytizing Christian film that believes in the power of love and forgiveness.

Image result for the shack film

Filled with cliches and with the same lines delivered at different times during the unbearably long - over two hour-film.

I did nap during it. Went to Mom and Ellen's afterward and explained what a cliche was. Then Ellen and I went to eat at Robin Hood Restaurant.

Image result for robin hood restaurant southampton  I had matzoh ball soup with the matzoh ball being larger than a tennis ball but far tastier. Also had a BLT.

We sat at the counter.

Image result for robin hood restaurant southampton    You can talk to people at the counter. It was great! A woman my age had heart surgery at Abington. She was very pleased and is starting an exercise program as well as altering her diet:

Tasty Cakes
Dairy Queen Treats
Cream Cheese Pretzels from Dunkin Donuts
Yasso Greek Yogurt Pops

Image result for yasso greek yogurt barsI discovered them by accident, standing at the ice cream cooler at the Giant, pulling everything out, reading the ingredients.

Okay now we're going to visit our anchors in Texas to see what's going on with Hurricane Harvey. A poem first tho, which I wrote on this morning's FB


Mavis, a healthcare worker,
just wants to take a break.
Sit back and relax.

She quit her job in Chicopee
Mass and can contemplate
the great questions of
the world from her
backyard patio.

What if Hurricane Harvey
made a detour and sped
up the eastern coast
like a red Ferrari

Mavis was writing out
some checks for some
new carpeting from
Specialty Flooring
in Roslyn and
to Merry Maids for
a lifetime cleaning

Suddenly, from her
maple Ethan Allen desk
her ears nearly burst
from the sound of
10 million earthquakes

The sky's a bright yellow
and Armageddon has surely
come. And all Mavis
wanted was a little
peace and calm.

Funny b/c after I wrote the name MAVIS I kept encountering it.


For starters.

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