Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Sunny Sunday - Eileen and I go to Momsie's - Poem: Sweet Little Toes

   For unknown reasons, I have a free subscription to New York Review of Books. 

Here's a photo of Alice and John Coltrane. Read about their relationship here.

John wanted to be a saint. Alice didn't have to worry. She was one already, since her religious childhood as a Baptist.

The current issue is filled with wonderful B&W photos.


Henri Cartier Bresson was one of two foreign photographers allowed in India.


Hurricane Harvey is still wreaking havoc in Texas.

When I looked at the photos in the Times, I thought...And to think I used to live there!

Next-door neighbor Eileen and I went to Mom's for lunch. I brought many things - tuna salad, hummus with veggie dips, potato salad (New York style) from Giant. Lynn brought several treats including Rice Krispie Treats, which Mom would make when we were kids.

I ate with impunity, as if I didn't have diabetes.

After we left, we traveled down the Bee Hive Road, stopping this time to view the coming and going of the honeybees. 

We passed by Masons Mill Park.

Yes, she was agreeable to stopping and walking.

I'll tell you right now, when I got home my sugar level was NORMAL.

Told Eileen about the Book Cupboard and she selected a novel by Debbie Macomber.  I've already got my Trixie Belden book.

Anyway, I've absconded, with permission, with the book Eileen chose. In return I gave her a Sue Grafton novel I got for free at the Huntingdon Valley Library.

For free. The sweetest words in the English language.


The blonde-haired doll was named Sally.
Anatomically correct with a silky red dress
and black Mary Janes that easily slipped off,
her mistress pretended that Sally had

We'll just massage your heart to keep
your blood flowing, strongly,
we'll pinch each one of your
tiny alabaster toes

to make sure the tiny rivers
keep flowing and don't get
clogged with sweet cakes
and Fudgcicles.  

For as go the toes,
So goes lovely

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