Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New version of Blogspot is a colossal PIA - Poem: The Flower at the Top of the Stem

In order to post, you must go through four steps that we never had to do before. And who is there to ask about it?

You can't just sit down with the head of Blogger and have a chat over a cuppa tea.

Just woke up to one of the PBS programs that scares the daylights out of you. Will you have enuf money - and health - to last for years to come?

I'm getting my bad leg taken care of. Decided not to go to Gene Salkind but to go back to Guy Lee. Gotta go thru hoops to get an MRI taken.

Here's what I awoke to:

Anna Netrebko reprises one of her most acclaimed roles as Tatiana, the heroine of Tchaikovsky's opera, adapted from Pushkin's classic novel. Dmitri Hvorostovsky stars as the title character, who rejects Tatiana's love until it's too late. Robin Ticciati conducts the revival of Deborah Warner's staging, which opened the Met's 2013-14 season. Alexey Dolgov sings the role of Onegin's friend-turned-rival, Lenski, with Elena Maximova as Tatiana's sister Olga and Stefan Kocan as Prince Gremin.

Image result for Anna Netrebko    She's a great dramatic actress and grew up in Russia, so the language is no problem for her. Tho in reading the notes, I see that the Tchaikovsky opera has been performed in many languages.

For yrs, Peter Ilyitch wouldn't let it leave Russia, fearing it would not be understood. He loved Gustave Mahler's conducting of it.

I was tired of tripping over my Persian rug, so I rolled it up and brought it upstairs to my Writing Room.

Vacuuming everything in sight with my trusty Miss Bissell.

Dr Wayne Dyer is upstairs on my TV talking about the story of Shaya.

Image result for wayne dyer shaya

Run to third base, Shia, run to third!

Then, Run Home, Shia, run home. All 18 boys reached their level of God's love (I think he said)


How we hoped it would be a sunflower
but didn't know for sure
The stem grew straight as a
ruler, with tiny serrations
on the egde

Judy Diaz's fancy pot with
frogs and spigots held it
firm throughout the
incubation period

The soil was rich
mulched from the backyard
with pieces of brown
egg shell sprinkled in

Music from passing cars
lent their various
melodies to the plant
as did my Philip Glass
playing from YouTube

Who knew that one small
flower, one speck of life
whose beauty shines as
golden as the sun
would indeed transform
transcend transmogrify
into a sunflower.

If special powers
hailed from this
delicacy, its rays
would flit like
a hummingbird

all over this doggone
world to make it a
better place and the
waters would cease.

A friend commissioned me to write a poem. I figured it would take about an hour. But what music should I play?

Quickly I hopped onto YouTube. It remembers what you like, like an attentive lover.

Ah, there was good ole Philip Glass, whose memoir I'd listened to in the car. His etudes are filled with vigor.
Image result for philip glass etudes for piano

Since I was in Hatboro today, I stopped at the Hatboro Union Library and checked out some items.

Got a load of audio books, the first of which I will give one more chance in the car, and then toss
into the back seat.

Can't keep track of the characters.

Charlotte's Web in the kitchen is far easier, and what's more, I'm on the last disc. Can't wait to wake up in the morning! Oh dear, it is almost morning, Elektra.

Dyou believe I checked out this 900-page book?

 Problem is, there's no good place in the house to read it. However, will go upstairs, lie down on bed, and resume reading it on page 3. Actually, tho, if you read the Prologue, you've basically read the whole book.

Who is the author Laurence Rees?

Below are my new Solar Lights. What you can't see, Dear Reader, are this criss-cross web-like shadows imprinted all across my front sidewalk.

It's spectacular! If I knew how to use my camera, they would show up. 

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