Sunday, August 13, 2017

Arts Fest a Huge Success! Part One!

 I always go in a little earlier to set up. Made a little money from our Donation Box.
 Here's Sandie in the set-up room of the Giant. Our treats included hot coffee, tea, fresh fruit - bananas, tangerines - protein bars made with quinoa and oats. Bc we're a nonprofit we get a gift card for $25 we use for healthy snacks.
Here's Vern Rose. Originally lived in the Detroit area. When Motor City went quiet, he moved to this area, possibly via Pittsburgh, and now lives and works in Northeast Philly.  I think he's in I T.  Never married, he bought his GF a classic Schwinn 3-speed bike. Used.

Many reasons why a three-speed is superior to our modern 10-speeds. Let's say a coyote is chasing you. You can get away quicker than with the faster bikes which take time to get into gear.

Vern also collects sewing machines. He and Lorraine were discussing this as she is a seamstress.

Met Vern at one of Lynn Levin's poetry workshops at the Huntingdon Valley Library. Was immediately struck with some poetry he shared with us and asked if he'd attend.

His poetry was terrific. He sang Comin to Town in a Greyhound Bus, with several refrains, and also The Corn Maiden.  He also attended a wedding and wrote a poem about the great hot dog soup they served there.

(Am not using my notes now - did I take many? - so hope I'm getting this mostly correct.)

Also, you'll notice that AT LAST I'm uploading pictures up here in my composing room.

Why? Scott taught me how to use my flash drive - called the E drive - to get em up here.

 Look closely at the above photograph. David Kime's apartment was burned down. He's on the top floor. He called the woman a pyromaniac and was extremely pissed off at her, as his raging poetry expressed.

Below is Donna Krause and her brother Bob McGlinski.

I always arrange our Arts Fest on a Sunday so David and his friends can make it.
 Just posted Marie Higgins photo on FB. At halftime, she began Part Two. We did 'chair meditation.' She used a small brass bowl to call us to order - what a sweet sound it made - and it was a wonderful experience. The two of us met thru my friend Ed Quinn who also meditates.

Am I capable of joining the meditators every Saturday morning at 10 am at Pennypack Trust? Hmm, that's when I'm composing my work for our Writers' Group at B's house.
 Marie's daughter is moving out today to go to college.  Presenters wrote name tags. Each was given a gift. "Pick a couple," I'd say, offering them Tic Tacs, Altoids, Sharpened Pencils, a Ferrari and packages of salted cashews, peanuts, trail mix.
Scott stayed for a few minutes. Then went home and watched a movie so he missed the news.

Ya wanna know what's going on? Rioting in Charleston, VA, upon the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee.

 David made his own tie-dye T-shirt.  He passed around his newest sculptures made from chicken wire and - is it wallpaper paste?

I acted as the narrator and em-cee and raved about how David turned his tragedy into an artistic opportunity.

David publishes a 'zine' or small frills-free little magazine. He got lots of new poets for his next issue. Made them happy to know they have a place to publish, right Cynthia? Name of it is Transcendent Visions. It's quite good.

After the fire, which destroyed basically everything he owned, he decided he was finished publishing for good.

His mood swings had kicked in - manic, depressed, neutral - what a wild ride he went on.

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