Thursday, July 27, 2017

Whew! Obamacare still intact, tho needs lotsa work - Poem: Big Fat Spider - The Latest Terrible Thing

Senate Rejects Repealing Obamacare.

Take that, Trumphole!


Not again. He's poised
on the side of the
sink. My first thought
Is God testing me?

I know what I must do.
A cardboard carton of
lobster bisque is
soaking on the
white porcelain.

I empty it out
then scoop up
Mr Spider and
open the back door.

The spider has
escaped and is
making its way
up my arm
and under my dress.

Shake shake shake
goes I. The itching
stops and I view
the half moon.

God's smiling at me.


Went to Mom's after the evening news. She was being served by sister Ellen. I brought Amish potato salad - never again - so tangy it seems like it's 'bad' - but the maestro behind the counter said it's cuz they use so much vinegar.

Pucker pucker pucker.

Ellen made delicious Guatemalan Coffee. Nothing like hot coffee in your tummy. Mom enjoyed it too.

We discussed the green cup she served it in. Some folk don't like it. Why? The wide mouth makes it cool down faster. So, what you do is keep refilling it.


Tonight's job was to type up more of Mom's recipes. Tres difficile!

So, in addition to the Brownies and the Lemon Squares, I've added Gefilte Kraut, Mom's Meat Loaf with Hunt's Tomato Sauce, and Sweet and Sour Meatballs (with pineapple chunks in the sauce and water chestnuts in the meatballs).

I had some of the recipes myself in my yellow plastic file box I brought home from Texas when Sarah was two!


So, I'm trying to work with older folks.

Image result for redd foxx

There's a place called The Manor or something like that. I filled in the online app. It was unclear that I'd finished it, so Scott routed me over there.

I walked into the front lobby. You couldn't see inside. There are three levels of care depending on your memory.

I came prepared in case the HR person could see me. My resume, three references and one of my Intell articles.

Twenty minutes from home. Perfect for me. A job I will never get!


Reader? Attencion! What's the latest terrible thing that's happened to you?

So, Russell Eisenman sends his email list his new favorite female vocalist.

Unfortunately she's dead.

Leukemia. I think she was in her 40s.

So I play the YouTube link. You can't even hear her voice. It's as if an airplane is flying two feet from her geetar.

BUT I can't make the link turn off. So whenever I turn on my speakers, there's her voice with the airplane or the steam engine or a locomotive blocking out her voice.

What shall I do?

Well, I shut off the downstairs computer. I'm upstairs, gosh, it's late!

Can't wait to see if it worked.

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