Sunday, July 16, 2017

Seamus Kelleher at the Sunday Night Masons Mill Concerts

Michael Palin, center, stars with Mayuri Boonham and  Michael Palin, who I've just rediscovered, starred in this PBS mystery called Remember Me. Was lying in bed watching it and I'd left the remote in the basket of my exercise bike so I couldn't soften the shockingly loud bursts that startled me and woke me up.

Feedback is poor on my newest short story which I think is titled The Light in the Clearing. I like it a lot.

Palin was born in 1944 so he's not terribly old, but he is terribly good with his quick smile, his loud outbursts and the threats to his dignity.

After I ate at the Demings, I went to the Masons Mill Concert. Poem below.

I wasn't gonna visit them bc I was too lazy to drive over what with the detour, but when I heard the voices of the kids, I said, Screw it, I'm going.

The detour is very confusing for me. I have the direx in the car and have great success following them but the stress is enormous.

Par example, find The Olive Garden. Make a left after the Olive Garden. Eyes glued to the street to find that proper lane.

Then you get to a huge curve in the road - well, follow the curve - and you'll be on the correct road. That curve is the worst part. When I used to work at Sym Manor, I used to practice driving there while lying in bed.


A little green gazebo serves as the
stage where the Irish Bard performs
he knows not where, just travels
like an itinerant peddlar selling
wares to the hungry in Moldavia

Hungry are we for charm, intimacy,
toe-tapping music, tales of love
and woe. See us gathered in the twilight
of our small park? People amble by the
stage in summer shorts and white dresses,
some toddle forth on walkers
proud as first graders

Seamus Kellaher engages us in music
of his own making. Right here on our
spit of land, an afterthought, really,
from the sports fields, but music
belongs here. And look, they come!

He wrote a song for a returning vet he
met in Reno. He also sang about the
green fields of France where swords
had been drawn.

He witnessed it all. War, that most horrid
of things, blood staining the green fields
and making mothers cry.

I'm glad I was there. As I backed out of a
tight space across the street in an industrial
park I kept open my windows, wanting to catch
every last droplet of song sailing over the
hot asphalt and under the high quiet stars
nodding with sadness.

PHOTOS Please:

Judy Adler look-alive. Ellen agreed.

 Thanks for remembering the trash cans. I broke a pair of sunglasses on the way over and tossed it into a trash can.

 Nice little portrait above. I'm waiting for the Township to call and hire me for my intimate portraits.
They sat next to me.
Very interesting looking couple. HE - his profile - looked like the late Morley Safer. And SHE was prettier than expected.

Seamus, how about some promo for ya?

His website.

Okay, back upstairs I go to lie in my quagmire of terrible books.

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