Friday, July 7, 2017

A Little Piece of Heaven just published in the Intell - Poem: The Morning After

Here's a note I sent to New Directions

Hi everyone,

"A Little Piece of Heaven Here on Earth" was just published in the Fri-Sat, July 7-8, 2017 Intelligencer.

I was shopping at the - where else? - Willow Grove Giant Supermarket and met my neighbor Wayne there.

He said he'd be reading the Intelligencer in the coffee shop.

I'd forgotten to check to see if my guest column had been published and sure enough there it was.

Click on it here. The link doesn't work. 

Wayne, 83, and I both have diabetes. Who should walk by but Mary Ann Moylen, nutritionist. We chatted a few moments. Remember to make a nutrition appointment with Mary Ann, who will walk you thru the store and help you eat healthy and lose weight, if you wish.

It's free.

Paul D. emailed a fascinating link about Asylums in America. Click here.

My latest poem was published here. Walking down the road at Midnight.

I finally found a good book to read! John Sandford's Eye of the Prey. Very spooky.

After dinner, Scott and I will walk the Pennypack Trail. Cool breezes will light our way.

Ruth Z Deming, MGPGP
215 659 2142


The invisible rhythms of the universe
have me discovering Simone Dinnerstein
playing Bach's Inventions last night
followed by her Musical Offering
this morning as chaired by Susan Lewis.

Sprightly commentary by Miss Lewis
makes me think of Susan Lewin
back in Shaker. Oh, where have
they gone? Miss Puncer, my fourth
grade teacher, was a twin.

Josef Haydn's on now. Composer-
in-residence at a rich man's
palace - Tim Pitkin of Goddard? -
his work was unbridled, even though
he detested his own bride, and she he,
one wonders, is that why his music
soared beyond the heavenly bodies?


When Scott and I drove to the park, my blood sugar was 197. When we got home it was 84.

We took great pix of deer, young uns, who had no fear of man.

I had no fear of this ice cream bar made with almond milk.

We couldn't believe our eyes! This young deer was directly next to a bike rider. Fearless.

Some pix are blurry.

 Wading in the water. Did you know they did dat?

A couple of off-limits shacks or tiny lived in houses.

They have big bunny ears, don't they?

What could be so delicious they keep on munching?

 Okay, am gonna print out the Intel story on the next blog post.

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