Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Part One - Happy Fourth of July !


Marlindale Road
Goodnore, and Hampshire
all emptied out as
twilight dotted the
streets and we marched
in unison - me, Daddy and
the Girls, Marvin "Big ears"
Waxman from across the street
Me trying not to fall and
skin my knees again keeping
up with the Big People

We'd sit in the stands of
the Cleveland Heights High
School Stadium, my friend
Marcie Siegel tripping on
the concrete stair. Poor baby.

The marching band began
roaring loud as a tiger, throwing
their batons so high they
disappeared in the
cool night air

Then fireworks. We roared
with amazement. Screamed.
Whistled. In third grade
I did a report on China with
Suzanne. They discovered
fireworks and so did my
neighbors here on Cowbell Road.

A man took charge. Who are you
I asked and where do you live.
Glenn lives at 207. Bought $100
worth of fireworks. Set em off
in the middle of the street.
Take-charge Glenn. We like that! 

A tiny cluster of neighbors
gathered on the grass before the once-
abandoned house, five years
gathering moss and rain drops
till Olivia and Grace's
parents moved in.

Psshhht! Picasso-esque colors
flew up the once pristine silent
street, high, higher, highest
into the air, like Beethoven's Ninth.

Grace, wearing flags in her
hair, did cartwheels in
the street.

The boys raced their bikes
while the simmered-down
dynamite scaled the sky
fireflies wondering what's
going on, bats too.

At home I watched the
finale of the Capital Fourth
The beloved Beach Boys
iconic Four Tops and
Blues Brothers in their
crazy white socks

Drugs always make
an appearance. Was it
absinthe in the Founders' Days?

Booming going on at
Abington High School
see them sitting in the
stands munching popcorn?

All under the nearly full
moon. Moonlight and roses.
What's more romantic than that?

 A Wimbledon tennis game was on.
 I liked the neon take-out sign above.

Drove to Ben and Irv's this morning. Twice. First time I forgot my wallet.

Five minutes into eating this spectacular chopped liver my mouth, hands and inside of my fingernails were covered with chopped liver.

Soon I got one of my horrific cramps, this time in my left hand. Sipped the water.

Since Blogger isn't allowing me to upload any more photos, lets get around the problem by creating a part two.

Pray with me, sinners, and see if it will work!

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