Monday, July 31, 2017

Let there be light - Poems: The Monarch - The Mirror

Oh, hello there!

Is anyone listening?

Whew! I thought I was all alone.

Was telling my friend Marcy I couldn't think of anything to write but she assured me something would come to me.

Which it did.

Told her I wondered what it was like to have a psychotherapist. I of course AM a psychotherapist but that doesn't mean I don't need help myself.

Have I ever had a good therapist?

Hmmm. Nothing is coming to me. Beth Lindsey perhaps. Hold on as I goggle her.

She, sadly, departed life on earth. 

Image result for beth lindsey Here she is after she became a Buddhist nun and moved to England. I published a true story about her but can't remember where.

Did I tell you I'm listening to The Grateful Dead?

They are one band that really grew on me.

Oh! Get off, get off, Garcia and Lesh are growing on my legs and arms.

Earlier, when I went outside to test the weather, and had my sneaks on, I simply began walking down the street even though I had to pee and didn't know my blood sugar.

Low is what you've gotta worry about. Anything under 80 is low.

Beth, do you remember me? Dyou believe I got friggin .... oh, never mind.

So I'm walking down the street. Feeling guilty that I don't visit Carol, who sits all day in her living room, with the fan twirling, and her Down syndrome son Bruce in control of the remote.

Image result for milkweed

I posted the above photo on FB, except this pic is off the Internet.

I wrote a nice poem about the monarch. One person unsubscribed to my New Directions email alerts. AWeber never tells you who it is.

Push and shove?

Hold on and I'll find the poem for ya.


King of Beauty
King of Flight
You hover around the purple blossoms
Finding strength for the flight of your life.

In autumn, you'll join your brethren
in the former home of
The Aztecs, Mexico, so many
peoples and lands and governments
were here before we were

Give praise for the multitude
of Life.


Was notified I got something published in River Poets Journal. It's called LET THERE BE LIGHT and I had no idea what it was about.

Editor Judith Lawrence writes, The Journal has been posted to the web site in PDF format. To view, go to On the menu tab, click on "Special Editions-Anthologies." Once that page opens, click on “Windows - 2017 Special Edition.pdf" file to view the Journal.

Here's what it's about. A dozen yrs ago my sister Donna and I drove to Cleveland. I stayed with Aunt Selma, while she stayed at friend Joyce's.

When no one was looking I opened up the blinds in the family room.




I chanced a glance
just now - cute! -
and remembered
when we lived in the

and looked in the blue
rimmed mirror from
the Now and Then Shop

I was in the middle of
my nervous breakdown
and thought I resembled
my newly dead dad

Where are they now?
The Now and Then Shop?
My dad? And all the
darling clothes he
bought us from
Majestic Specialties?

What me wear? Today
you'll see me modeling
navy-blue culottes
from the thrift shop
and a black Picasso-like
top. Doff your hat
as I walk by
wishing I were
floating in the
ole swimming hole.


I think I've mentioned I'd like to end each blog post with something special.

Tavis Smiley sez Keep the Faith.

He's a spectacular dresser.

Image result for tavis smiley

My shoulders are too narrow to wear a suit like his.


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