Monday, July 10, 2017

PART TWO: The faux Beatles Concert and more - Mailman just came at 5:17 pm

RAIN is still doing it. Click here.

Question for my readers: It's 4:14. The Mailman hasn't come. What should I do? Drive to the post office?

I wanted to tell all my neighbors about this concert. Many were sitting chatting on the side of the road.

B/c the band was playing so loud, I wandered about taking pix. Perhaps part of the band arrived on this truck.

 Drinking fountain. Yes, I did stick my head in there and drink! The water is always lukewarm.
 Borrow a book, then bring it back.

The books were fantastic! Funny bc I was thinking of writing a short story about a girl named Trixie. One of the Call the Midwives was named Trixie.
I never read the Trixie Belden books since I concentrated on Nancy Drew. You know what? And I'm serious. I WILL go back and read a Trixie book but only when I finish my John Sandford thriller.

In the car I'm on the last disk of

Image result for philip glass memoir  Philip Glass's memoir.

It's quite good BUT it peaked two discs ago with the Liver Cancer Death of his girlfriend - she was diagnosed by the physician of the Dalai Lama - Glass and his crowd know everyone - and now we're just cruising to a close, like sipping on the last drops of red wine.

Love seeing Muslim women. They carry modern pocketbooks.

 Hard to make out, but just beyond the white lawn chair is a very long shadow of me. Oh, Mary Martin, you were the greatest Peter Pan.
 I believe this woman's name was Mina, but I'm probly wrong. Quick story: When I was married and living in Texas, I attended the University of Texas Library School in Austin. Next to me sat a lovely young woman. For sure her first name was Mina.

Married with two children, she would wake up early and study! She was from Iran.

Ever heard of a MAGNUM chocolate bar. Superb! Bought it at the Willow Grove Wawa with my gift card, then wrote and thanked my friend "Tree."

No mailman. Wanted to send my Guest Column in the Intell to one of our funders.

Watched a terrific horror film on YouTube today called Nightmare. Very tricky. Made in England.

When it gets dark I'll submit three poems and write a Letter to the Editor.

What treat shall sustain me?

Image result for black forest cake

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