Monday, January 26, 2015

Busy Day - slept thru the first part of it

In my "Milk and toilet paper run" to the Giant last nite, I picked up two bars of Cadbury chocolate. A new trade law, protecting Hershey and other US chocolate makers, has banned imports of Cadbury.

The bars are made here in the USA, and will continue to be made here, but they do not taste the same.

Why not? Different products... milk from UK farms, etc.

As a person with diabetes, I only ate two squares of the fruit n nut and then hid it on the cold back porch. 

Big cooking day for me.
You can't imagine how delicious this is.

I have more left for tomro.

Scott came over at 6:30 for

 Scallops dinner. Garlic, mushrooms and peppers and onions and lemon.
I served it in my Sunday best.

The pants are hand-me-downs from Noam Levine, who served in the Israeli army.

My friend Freda Samuels helped me write a letter to the Inquirer that goes like this.... to the tune of my new favorite song by The Stray Birds

In response to Joseph Rogers’ letter of Jan. 25 in which he decries the return of mental asylums, I vociferously disagree.

I too was locked up as a woman with bipolar disorder.

When people were let out of facilities such as Byberry and Norristown State, they were left to fend for themselves. Many of them are now in prison, homeless or living in horrible rooming houses where they are not cared for.

If indeed asylums can be made to be safe places – and our new Governor Wolf may help with this – let’s bring these folks back for the good care and compassion they and their families so richly deserve.

Ruth Z. Deming, MGPGP
Founder/Director of New Directions Support Group
Willow Grove, PA
Daytime phone:  215 659 2142
Thanks for your consideration!!!

Sure hope they publish it!

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