Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Lights and Movie Night

We took Scott's car, his new Honda Fit, white as Wonder Bread, and toured the 'hood.

First stop, The Valenza House on Terwood Wood.

They start assembling this fabulous creation after Halloween and after they took down their Philadelphia Eagles display.

Sadly, the Eagles lost badly to the Washington Redskins yesterday, said pharmacist Hannah Bae over the phone, when I ordered some more prednisone.

The Valenza house is NOT TO BE MISSED. I was wearing my PJs so didn't wanna get out of the car in the cold night.

 This spectacular house, above, is on Edge Hill Road near Overlook. No where to stop.
 Nothing more beautiful than white lights!
Greenhill Road is an incredibly steep hill. Wanted to see Michael Garofola's house, as I met him and his kids, Stephano and Garrett, in the Willow Grove Coffee Shop.

His house looked great but their nativity scene was not lit up. Above is a neighbor's house on Greenhill. That street looked terrific!

This is Rockville Ave in Abington, near home. I always pass this so we decided to go down the road.
Like a may pole. It's hung from a tall tree.

 Beautiful lights on Greenhill Road.
 I believe the above is the Garafola's house.
 Blink twice and you'll drive by. Glad I brought my camera.

 Up the street on Cowbell. Nice job.
 And you? Where art thou? I love well-placed wreaths.
 Down the Cowbell Hill. Looks like a gingerbread house.
Catty-corner from me. Bob and Judy Masser.

Didn't you love seeing Xmas lights as a kid?

Back in Cleveland, we went to NELA Park.

It's still operational.

Scott and I enjoyed the film Amadeus on WHYY-TV, though he slept thru most of it.

Then I switched channels and watched an unknown film that really kept my interest. Very imaginative and beautifully filmed.

It got terrible ratings. Take it from me. It'll become a cult classic.

The Heavenly Vintage, a love story.

The two men loved one another. The angel with the wings decided to have them removed and buried. In a notable line, where the blond guy asks him if it hurt, the angel said, More than I thought it would.

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