Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Festivities with Scott

Scott has a new schedule. He's now off Friday and Saturday. He'll go back to work tonite, making the 7:30 pm train.

Went for a long leisurely walk in The Pennypack.

We both LOVE walking. Scott does exercises for his bad back. I do not. Neither of us were in any pain.

Scott remembered visiting the Bryn Athyn Cathedral last year and viewing Nativity Scenes. Here's my fantastic blog post from 2012. My sister Donna came with us.

  Don Fitzpatrick told us we'd see the Nativity Scenes at Glencairn, the former home of the founders, Mildred and Raymond Pitcairn.

We walked over from the Cathedral. 

  Holy cow! You can take an online tour.  

Got the below shots from Glencairn's newsletter. 

There is something so appealing about the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the manger, The Three Wise Men. Dozens of countries submit nativity scenes for this annual display.

Today is the first official day of Winter. The Winter Solstice. At 4:49 pm, the sun will now - think Ruthie think! - start going backward?

Let's give it up for The Sun, shall we?

Hey, not the Son of Man, please. Though I am thanking Him right now  - he sits at the Right Hand of God - for my wonderful life, so far.

Oh, at the Bryn Athyn Cathedral I did put in a prayer card asking for more people to attend New Directions so we can help them. Our census is down.

Earlier, when I went into the kitchen to refill my tea cup with delicious Sleepytime Pomegranate Tea, there was a deer munching on something in the back yard. When one deer comes, there's usually more. I saw two.... they're really camouflaged.

Gosh, it was cold when I went to the back yard to photograph what remains of the sun today.

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