Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Birthday Dinner with the Demings - Mom is the hit of the party with her desserts

It wasn't easy but we pushed and pulled and finally got Mom in the house. Here she is sprinkling powdered sugar onto her delicious pumpkin roll, filled with cream cheese.


That's me in what I call my giraffe shirt. Dan was teaching me how to use my new iPhone, which used to be Barb Toohey's.

Barb, you look great in red, I said.

It's my favorite color, she said.

See the beer on the table? I had one delicious sip. Dan said it has twice the alcoholic content of regular beer.

Nicole worked really hard preparing the meal.

Not shown is her delicious baked ziti. Yumpers!!!

We also had steamed broccoli, which we all loved and marveled about what healthy eaters we are.

While Mom's pumpkin roll was a new addition to her repertoire, these chocolate cookies covered with whipped cream - give them a name! - were something we used to eat as kids.

Made with
The recipe is right on the package. One Internet site calls it a Zebra Cake.

Mom and I love anything sweet, including Nicole's sweet potatoes with marshmallows.

Who's this little cherub? She was wearing a dazzling white dress with pink tights. She loved how the dress trailed behind her when she ran and how it spun when she twirled.

Dan was full of energy and very helpful.

What should I play with first?

Mom gave her a doll that used to be Ilene's. Ilene is an old friend, orig from Ireland, who passed away years ago.

Mom, who is very talented but way too modest, made these doll clothes. She can barely sew with her arthritic fingers.

Max is faster than the wind. I looked from my seat in the dining room and saw him pushing a sliding board across the kitchen floor. It was hilarious, as if it's something he does from morning to night, moving furniture.

Will the real Max please push your ladder across the floor?

 Dan told me my friend Helene Ryesky gave him three gifts which he still has. He passed this magnifying glass with light along to Grace.
This is a door opener which shuts the door with an easy kick.

The third was a Random House Dictionary.

Needless to say I was quite surprised he remembered. Told him she used to measure my kids when we visited her house in Maple Glen and made pencil marks in the wall.

Here's Helene before she moved to Rydal Park. She called me this morning and turned on her Happy Birthday Music Box for me.

I brought over a delicious cheese challah.

I injected 16 units of insulin and when I got home my sugar was 134, which is great.... considering. I left all the leftovers in the car so I wouldn't be tempted and will bring em to my sister Donna's tomorrow morning.

Luminaries on the streets. They are candles stuck in sand and covered with a paper bag. I think! I've never bought them.
Since Mom was a captive in my car going home, I showed her the Christmas lights, including the spectacular ones on Terwood Road. She'll tell her next door neighbors about them and how to get there.

My sister Lynn got me a red scarf and this cute little pan for the stove that says "Ruth's Kitchen." Barb got me some Body Butter.

I just rubbed it across my lips and it's, like, well, soft and creamy and delicious. 

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