Saturday, December 19, 2009

My birdbath has six inches

Just ate a fistful of snow. It melts in your mouth. Slight aftertaste of extinct species due to climate change and acid rain. A Nobel Laureate was on TV tother nite telling us about a species of newly-extinct frogs and how we've lost the ability to learn from these animals about a valuable acid they possess which could help our own species. Our most valuable medicines are found in nature. The bark of the willow tree.

Speaking of meds, the front-page of the Times has an ad about Bipolar Depression. Take Seroquel XR. The drug industry has actually done more to educate the public about the the prevalence and acceptability of mental illness than any existing advocate.

What dyou think about Sen. Harry Reid working with Sen. Nelson of Nebraska to ensure passage of our first Healthcare Reform Bill? It won't be perfect but it'll be a primer to work from over the next few years IF the Dems can stay in control. The behavior of the Republicans is beyond belief! Every single one of them. Then I remembered my own liberal Rep. senator Spector and remembered.... he turned back into a Democrat. And that Joe Lieberman. What a spiteful man. Hadassah must be fingering her rosary beads in terror of what he's gonna oppose next.

Looked out the window at 8 am and saw Scott trudging thru the backyard. He was coming home from work. I know, I know. 8 am. His face was red and he was all bundled up. He went straight into his backyard to search for the stray cat who he's feeding. Then I got his attention and he came over, wiping his feet on the mat, and said, Boy is it ever cold! He fell on Davisville Road cuz it was so slippery.

I made us some eggs with fried onion and then he went home to sleep.

This is the kind of day you just wanna go outside, stand with your arms outstretched, feel the swiftly falling snow on your face, and rejoice!

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