Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Carol: The Movie

I wonder how many people across America are watching the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol, like I am, this white Christmas morning, my 64th birthday.

When the credits came on, I saw that the producer was Joseph Mankiewicz, a Jew. I did some quick research and saw his parents were German immigrants and indeed when the movie was being made the Nazis were storming across Europe.

And now the aged revered Pope Benedict, who was knocked down by a madwoman yesterday, wishes to make Pope Pius a saint. Pius, you remember, did nothing to stop the Nazis.

Pope Benedict, the former German citizen Joseph Alois Ratzinger, a very unwilling member of the Hitler Youth Group, knows the horror of the Nazis. His own cousin, who had Down syndrome, was marched away to the death camps.

However, as the spiritual leader of the largest Christian denomination on earth: 1 billion people, let's ask the Pope to do more than give lip service to the trauma and horrors wrought in WW2. If he isn't for equal justice for all - including indicting Nazis for the most heinous crimes and genocide of our century, which he barely acknowledges and wishes to anoint Pius a saint - then who will be for justice?

When will civility rule the earth? What if there is no heaven and this is all there is.

The film is remarkable. That California-dwellers created such a convincing ambiance of Dickens' London! Why, I feel like I'm eating the roast goose and flaming pudding at the Cratchits' dinner table. My stomach is growling for I haven't had breakfast yet.

The transformation of Ebeneezer Scrooge is accomplished by spirits. How has YOUR transformation been accomplished?

My friend Nancy Pollack came over a week ago bearing gifts for me. Simple gifts. Celestial Seasoning Tea, honey vanilla chamomile. We drank the tea together while she apprised me of some foods I can eat with my chronic kidney condition.

I called her the next day to thank her for her most helpful delicious visit. That's how I got the idea of giving the Mallsters the teas.

See the amazing chain of events on how we influence one another?

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