Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Deadline's On - Concerts in the Park - Poem: Every Morning

As I mentioned, gotta submit my work to Bella Online by midnight tonight. But why wait?

I submitted the below Letter to the Editor of the Intell. They did NOT publish it. I tried twice. But YOU, Dear Reader , may have a look. 


The grassy fields of Masons Mill Park in Willow Grove rang out with
tunes from the quartet Barefoot Bobby and the Breakers. "Come Together"
by the Beatles was especially apt since the rain, which started as a
drizzle, turned into a torrent, but the 100 or so listeners refused to
abandon the Doylestown-based band on Sunday night, July 23.

The same fans show up every Sunday night at 6:30 p.m. throughout the
summer, their lawn chairs or even wheelchairs set out on the grass.
Blankets are spread out with snack foods and drinks. A few brave souls,
mostly seniors, get up and dance.

It's fun, it's free, and all are engaged in a sense of community. "Hey,
don't I know you?" or "How's your mom doing?"

Frequently the band would ask,"Are y'all having fun? We sure are!" And
would inquire, "Are you staying dry?"

Well, not exactly. To the accompaniment of a few rounds of thunder and
lightning, the boys kept their cool on the covered stage, as a canopy of
leaves mostly protected the listeners in the stadium in the park.

"You're the best audience we've ever had," the band said to the applause
of those still remaining.

Umbrellas opened up, sweatshirt hoods covered the listeners, which
included grandchildren, as worries were set aside. The only thing that
mattered was the toe-tapping driving rhythms of the band.

Driving home down the backstreets, I felt like I was steering an Ark,
shivering a bit but glad I had an unforgettable experience. My only
regret was that my two grandchildren were tucked in their warm beds at home.

To learn who will be performing next, Google "Masons Mill Park Concerts
Here's my FB poem of the day

Welcome to my bedroom
thick lavender drapes
fading in the sunlight
that's me reading a
book I finally like
"K" is for killer
but here come the thoughts

Breakfast in bed?
No, breakfast at a
diner. Terminal's good
and cheap, my friend
who lived at Beauty
Daniels' rooming
house and smoked
Salems is long gone

TNT in Hatboro's tasty
I chat with the waitress
be it Taylor or Carly
while she pours it
hot and steaming
in my cup

Dark as a chestnut filly

Now I'm ready to get up
I've saved ten dollars
including tip and am
starving. Bring on
the eggs and trimmins
My eating chair awaits
me on the front lawn. 
The grass was wet so I simply walked around with my delicious omelet.
Am drinking some Starbucks Coffee I have in the Coffee Department of my Ikea shelf in the 
We have no idea why the margin of this blog is screwy, do we? 
AND I just got up, went downstairs and looked outside.
The mail truck is down the street.
It made me wanna write a postcard.
To Aunt Selma in South Euclid, OH.  

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