Friday, July 14, 2017

Film: The Light and the Darkness - Poem: Driving Down Terwood with Dr Wayne Dyer

Was so engrossed in phone calls this morning, I almost missed the above film. Was talking to Sally at Dr G's office - we were discussing the the four young murdered men - and I realized it was 11:10 am and the film started at 11 am.

I took off very carefully. The rain would stop and start. I don't think I missed too much of the film but the below poem is about my getting there.

Read about the film here.

The colors were so striking in the film. Many scenes were simply gorgeous. Rembrandt colors.


When you watch him
from your sweaty sheets
you never want the show
to end.

He's dead of course, but
like Jesus his message

You can be your own
hero, your own superpower,
your own do-what-you-
wanna do. You can
make it happen!

The road was slick.
If your wheels would
falter you'd end up
in a wildebeest of
thickets and disappear

Tumble down, tumble down
like in the best of the
film noirs.

But Doctor Dyer sat
beside me. I would
conquer this roller-
coaster ride!

Rolling down my
window, I remembered
Doctor Dyer left this
world with a
heart attack.

I clutched my
chest one-handed
and went into
the flow of
Terwood Road.

"Whatever will be,
will be," sang Doris Day
through my throat.

What's for dinner, Mom? The gang's all there,
contemplating Costco.


I'm procrastinating writing a short story for tomro's writing group. Instead I let YouTube play with me. First they sent me the life story of Lee Remick, dead at 51 of breast cancer. Next I listened to Little Miss Dynamite, aka Brenda Lee, born in 1944, who is still touring.

Image result for brenda lee

Also, earlier, I watched the musical GREASE for the first time.

BTW, this is why people have jobs so they don't just sit around all day and entertain themselves.

Image result for grease  Boy, can he ever dance!

Oh! Just got back from Scott's after watching the first of an evening of Hitchcock films.

This black and white was called Shadow of a Doubt.

Terrific!! With Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotton.

Let's look at the whole cast here.

Image result for shadow of a doubt movie     Quite terrifying!

I am sitting here drinking HOT COFFEE which is very enjoyable at 10:40 in the p m.  Will watch one more film and then, with a little bit of luck, start by short story.

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