Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Wedding of Harry and Meghan on Saturday, May 19, 2018 - Poem: Coffee and No Cream Please

Duchess of Sussex marries The Duke of Sussex.
 Harry's Mother/Law.

Read more on Wiki here.

I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love with a wonderful guy!

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Off I go to my wonderful guy's for FILM NOIR!

Not a single person came to our Lunch Bunch. Here's the poem I wrote about it.


Neena seated me by the window so I could
watch the cars pull in
They have great coffee at Tim and Terri's
Strong and hot with plenty of refills

I paged through the menu, or "caidan"
as it's called in Neena's home country of China
She's a beaut with kind ways,  she was

None of that raging fiery dragon
pomposity from Madame Mao, dead of

My eyes lit up when I saw the
senior special. Look no further,
I thought, I'll order the meat loaf,
the mashed potatoes, all ladled with gravy,
and broccoli with real butter.

I sipped slowly on the coffee while
reading Jojo Moyes' novel about a
quadraplegic. Think not of the school
shootings and the tearing apart,
the severing, of young bodies, as if
they were chicken limbs.

The meat loaf was magnificent,
covered with savory gravy, I sipped
slowly on the water from the red
plastic cup, with straw

Wore my Storm King Sculpture Garden
cap, a new convert to cap-wearing. For
dessert I ordered a cup of blueberries
and poured cream on top.

A friend named Brian sat in the back.
Had he looked my way, I would've waved
but not talked. Have I told you
I love dining alone?

What's this about rain?
Pash-tush! Settling myself
and my doggie bag in the
car, I drove off, listening
to a doo-wop station.

Blue Moon came on as tiny tear drops
of rain sprinkled the windshield.
As I rounded the corner where the
new YMCA is going up, my wipers
were going 80 mph.

As I entered the house I was
as wet as if I'd swum laps
in the Y's new pool.

Changed into a smashingly
beautiful dress, colorful
as the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

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