Friday, May 18, 2018

Bus trip to the Hudson Valley - Storm King Art Center and Dia - Poem: Storm King Art Center

Leave promptly at 7:30 am

CTAS notified us on the eve of the trip. Not good.

I headed out at 6:45 am with the wrong directions.

Returned home, woke up Bill Adams and wife Stacey and asked them how to get to Cheltenham High School.

All I needed to know was Edge Hill Road.

Arrived at 7:45. Half a dozen people came after me.

Took loads of great photos with my pink camera. Can't find it.

Just took pix with anudder camera sister Donna gave me.

Am watching Harlan Coban's series called SAFE.

The man on the telly said to a woman, "I can't stop thinking about you."

Meantime, his daughter is missing. He doesn't know that she's dead. Loads of mysteries unfold.

I'll give you a mystery to chew on. What am I drinking in this lovely blue cup of Donna's?

When her Woodwinds Condo flooded in Hatboro, she gave me loads of lovely items.

We left our tour bus like corraled ponies
ready to trot over rolling grass country
The New York State sunshine beamed
benevolent rays over Henry Moore's
Mother and Child, could I shimmy
up and lie like a babe
on the shiny marble?
Where's my David Smith?
Oh, you mean Roland David Smith?
Dead, you know, at 59 in a car crash.
A tall grey-haired man with
"Staff" stenciled on his back
accompanied me to Smith's
thirteen "white sculptures."
What can you do but
stand and stare?
And thank Mister Smith
for his blast of
creativity that
came from his still-
young brain
Circles, Squares,
Squiggles like an
ice cream cone at
Asbury Park
Shapes that landed on these
grassy green hills
beloved by chipmunks
eye-attacking gnats
and by me.
Beloved my me.
The morning after
I'm aglow like
a birthday cake
with 13 candles.

First museum we saw was Dia. Click on it, to the left.

Huge indoor sculptures including Richard Serra's enormous metal sculptures.


I brought my iPhone with me. I have no idea how to use it. I saw that I had won two prizes from Montgomery County Community College.

Asked my seat-mate, Teri, a hospice nurse, to open them for me.

One was about my Monday volunteer job at Second Home Adult Daycare. Changed the names.

The other was called HOUSE ON THE HILL about the death of Barbara Postel at age 80, from congenital heart disease.

Totally changed the story and had "Lydia" die at age 36.

Her husband Carlos Guerrero loved it. It made him cry.

We ate at a restaurant called THE ROUNDHOUSE

Click here.

Wonderful food!

I had salmon with dill sauce, grilled vegetables that I spit out bc they were too spicy, and for dessert fresh strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream.

May all your dreams and wishes come true.

We 're trying to figure out how to get more folks at New Directions. Lots of good suggestions.

Hmmm. What should I do next?

Oh, watch SAFE. Misnomer.

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