Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Program at the Roslyn Library - A Revolutionary Decade of Music

My buddy Rem Murphy was the 'color man' to Gary Cunningham in A REVOLUTIONARY DECADE OF MUSIC, from 1965 to 1975.

I was shocked my boyfriend Scott wanted to go.

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The library is wedged on the street like an after-thought. It probably used to be a house, as it's on a street of nice houses, parking only on one side.

Scott parked his car way down the street.

I hobbled after him. Just got a new physical problem - plantar fasciitis. Scott showed me the best exercises which he found on YouTube.

Gary played selections of great tunes including many by Dylan, including Blowing in the Wind, It's All Right, Ma, I'm only bleeding and A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall.

No one knew what the lyrics meant. Nuclear winter. The rain is nuclear fall out.

Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire.

I Ain't Marching Anymore. My friend Ray Naylor used to sing these at our ND celebrations. Ochs came to a bad end.

The great SKY PILOT - I commented that the intro was great,  just waiting for the song to burst open.

Gary commented about the Beatles. Both Lennon and Harrison, he said, had troubled upbringings. Netflix had good docs about both of them.

Lennon, from what I remember, always had a chip on his shoulder. Thought other people were favored instead of him.

Harrison I hadn't known about. Just knew that when he was dying of cancer robbers broke into his estate and tried to kill him. Twas an inside job. His own folks turned on him.

Gary Cunningham told us that of all the Beatles, Paul McCartney is the most optimistic.

Nice name, Cunningham, n'est-ce pas? He's a Mennonite and served as a medic in Nam. Also a retired psychotherapist.

So, what dyou wanna hear now?

Hurry up, we haven't got all day.

Listen up! as they say.

Dig the graphics on Sky Pilot.

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