Sunday, May 6, 2018

Great Turnout at Bonnet Lane - Poem: Eating Breakfast on the Stoop in Willow Grove

Three p m already!
Who-all came?

Newcomer Mary, Eve and her daughter Ilana, my pal Judy, and Rem.

Judy and I ordered chicken croquettes, filled with mashed potatos, and two sides. Mine were tasteless potato salad and delicious cranberry sauce.

Two cups of Lacas Coffee. The best!

Such conversations we had!

Terrible neighbors, boyfriend neighbor (moi), bad marriages (Judy and me).

Rem met someone at 'his' Roslyn post office who knew his late wife, Valerie. She's been gone for three years now.

What a thrill that was listening to memories of his beloved wife, who had long blond hair and looked like a hippie.

It takes Rem about a week to write an episode of Randy Package, a pretend radio show.

I wrote yesterday's short story - SPLAT - in about two hours. I was absolutely not in the mood.

Gonna submit it to Force Majeure, positive I won't win.

force ma·jeure
ˌfôrs mäˈZHər/
  1. 1.
    unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.
  2. 2.
    irresistible compulsion or greater force.


Fancy-schmancy are the clothes I've got on
Gonna meet Judy and Mary and Rem at 1
Now I greet the friends around me
The cold stone stoop that welcomes me as
if it were a leather chair in Ron Abrams'
conference room

Fecund bird houses - pink and yellow - steady
and ready for the brand-new batch
Found a birdling in the bird bath
and tipped it into the green hostas

The vast sky, grey as a tombstone,
as I taste the last of my deluxe
egg omelet, in a huge white bowl
I bought at an estate sale
round the corner. 

Wonder what folks will purchase
at mine?

* * * 

Have I told you that Purple Heart is coming out on Wednesday?

I got 6 cartons from the liquor store and will pack em with unwanted items.

Oh, I think I should poetate about that, right?

How do I make a larger font?

Lemme tell you something! I cannot for the life of me - or the death of me - figure out many things in this electronic universe. 

I told the folks at the Bonnet about my relationship w Netflix. Ilana, Eve's daughter, has a subscription to Hulu, for $12 per month. 

BTW, Eve's father and mother are doing very well at their second home in the state of Maine. They have their own dock and go boating, while Mom waits nervously at home.

Dad is Rabbi Simeon Maslin, formerly of K I.  My late brother, David Richard, who had autism, was Bar mitzvah'd there. 

Gift Shop 1

Gift shop.

I have a mezuzah hanging on my door post. My neighbor, Bill Carr, nailed it up before being confined for Alz disease. 

I need to buy a bathing suit as Ocean City, N J, is coming up in June. I'll go online.

Martha told me Walmart is going out of biz.

At one time everyone hated it for putting smaller stores out of biz. Now we're shocked and saddened.


A purple silken shirt

Black polka dot skirt my shapely calves will never wear again 

A rainbow-colored jacket I wore for a

Comcast Newsmakers interview

A silver creamer and  sugar container, which needs
a good polishing

A Mark Greenwold Art Book

A Chuck Close Art Book

Other art books

Who the hell's gonna look at them?

Send them across the sea on a cruise ship

Try pawning them off in their library, the one

from which I stole a Ruth Rendel mystery

Cook books, heavy cook books, to make

salmon dishes, oysters, a Ron Abrams' favorite,

and lemon cake.

But never shall I send my back yard lilacs,

front yard lilies of the valley, tweeting birds

or boyfriend Sir Scott Sherman. 

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