Monday, May 14, 2018

Catching up on Photos - Poem: MOTHER'S DAY 2018

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At last my red poppies are coming up.

Worked this morning at Adult Daycare, left early as I had an appt with my foot doctor, Ron Renzi.

Had no idea where he was coming from the daycare center, so I parked my car on a road and ran after a postman.

"Last house on the right," he said. I left my car there and limped over the Dr Renzi. I've got plantar fasciitis, and I'm taking a bus trip to Storm King Sculpture Center in two days.

Dr Renzi amplified the sound of the pulse in my foot and said, Nice strong pulse.

Told him I'm on some new meds - generic Plavix and slo-release 81 mg aspirin.

You should be fine, he said, about my most recent TIA. He said they're very common and there's been a lotta research on the two meds and I should be fine.


Just took a picture of my new mauve-colored wallet, but I have no idea where the picture is.

Sarah and I went to Bloomies and she bought me the wallet. My other wallet I've had for maybe 30 years.


Decided to nap to a Dick Powell Shop. Subbing for Dick was Charles Boyer. Gonna continue watching TISSUE OF HATE, with Henry Fonda, Gloria Vanderbilt and Polly Bergen.


After that I'll watch a Harlan Koban film on Netflix.

Gramma Lily died insensate at 98.
Her daughter Bernice is a quick-witted
95, who can do everything but walk.
I am fortunate to call her Mom,
as do Donna, Ellen, Lynn, and
Amy. All of us were at her lovely
home in Huntingdon Valley, PA,
or there in spirit.
Hardwood floors, area rugs rolled up
so she won't trip again, refrigerator
filled to bursting, you name it,
it's in there.
A map would help.
The longer we know her, the
more we learn.
Shapely legs, a man once told her.
Everyone showed up today in shiny
rain-slicked cars.
Sarah, Nikki, Steve, Patrick,
and Quinn (the latter two in pompadours),
Carlos in grey ponytail and loving ways,
My Scottie in colorful sweater and
van Dyke beard.
Look up van Eyck, Mom said to
Tyler and pointed to her big fat art book.
The artist is known for minutely realistic paintings
and surface light.
Rather like Cousin Mark, whose autographed gallery
book I donated to Purple Heart.
Splendid was the food on the dining room table.
Lynn shopped at Ben and Irv's and the Giant
Chopped liver, egg salad, corned beef, bagels, rye breads of
different colors.
Mom has a good appetite and piled high her plate.
White-haired Donna helped. Keep that white hair,
Donna, don't get tempted like me to color it.
Sauerkraut, dill pickel, sandwich on marbled rye
with corned beef, Russian dressing. I asked for a
tiny bite - I don't eat bread - and swooned
with delight.
Coffee! Served in cute paper cups.
Baby Kaia Rose is a baby no more. I lifted
her up and kissed two rosy- red cheeks.
How we love babies in our family!
Kaia, 18 months, was running around and so was little David
whose mom Kamelia, just won an important chess
championship in Cherry Hill.
Could you hear us clapping?
Mom, from her lily-white winged chair
said, as the kids ran amok,
This is like Donny, Lloyd and
Dickie, running in the house
on Marlindale Road.
Remember us well when our time comes.
What time is it?
Twilight time, when the deer come out
in my back yard.
Remember me as the mother of Sarah Lynn Deming,
a better daughter you never could find, and a
son named Daniel Paul, impossibly kind.


  1. Mazel tov on your new wallet. Nitz es gezunterheit.

    1. Marcy, dyou think I'll ever remember where things ARE! Luckily my arms are still attached to my torso, which reminds me of a poem. hold on


  2. What a poem! ...which reminds me of a painting.