Monday, June 26, 2017

The Fleisher's 50th Anniversary Party - Biking on Pennypack Trail - The Duster is published

The party was planned months in advance by Aaron Fleisher and his wife Anissa. The downtown restaurant was selected by a friend of Aaron.

View Positano Coast here. 

Scott and I left in plenty of time but still had a tough time finding both the restaurant and a place to park.

There were a series of one-way streets so we circled the rest. about five times trying to find the entrance.

When we walked in we were greeted by loads of people AND Lou and Lois Fleischer. I had met them years ago at Aaron's wedding. Now they were unrecognizable.

Below are the pants I wore. My friend Marcy from CA was helping me find them, which I finally did. 

 Delicious food included bagel and lox.

 Rich and Ada were shocked when they walked in the room. Above is Rich and a guest.
See the photo of the young Fleishers? Photos were scattered all over.

Donna, above, was a kaleidoscope of lovely colors.
 Sandy, above, and her son Stuart, who lives in Lancaster, PA, with his family physician wife Donna.
Part of Ada's acceptance speech.
We exit down the ramp. Valet parking was $21. But this is Philadelphia! Not Willow Grove.

 The Ritz Theater across the street. The favorite place of my friend Judy D, before she moved to Niwot, CO, to be with her kids. Since this is the historic area, cobblestones line the street.
The above gorgeous bldg used to be The Philadelphia Stock Market. Scott has a book of historic Philadelphia photos and showed me the building last night.
 I walked down the stairs, very carefully, and photographed myself and other customers all looking at emselves in the meer. 
Stock market. Hmm, lemme buy some more Amazon stock since they just bought out Whole Foods.

Our gift to the Fleishers was a gift card from Barnes and Noble for $50.

What would YOU buy if it were you?


Later on, Scott and I went biking at Pennypack Trail.

We chose 5:30 so it wouldn't be too crowded or too hot.

We went about two miles, the first time in months.

Then, we had another event. Every Sunday our township has music at Masons Mill Park.

Dave Deluca...
New for 2017, That’s Amore: A Century of Dean Martin. This one man band
imitates Martin’s relaxed, crooning voice as he performs songsE D
like Everybody Loves Somebody and Volare.

Deluca was very good. They may have had 200 people in lawn chairs on the grass. Scott brought our beach chairs.

I was soooo relaxed.

Read below poem about it.



He was good, very good,
a stout man who sang
Dean Martin favorites
to an overflow crowd
in Mason's Mill Park

We brought our lawn chairs,
colorful as Picassos. I
stared. A parade of
big-bellied men passed by.
Soft, like Strohman's bread.

The two-year-old passed
by with Mum several times,
holding his toy car in
the well of his hand.

My two-year-olds, Grace and
Max, had turned four and six.

A good-looking teen was the
only one dancing, reminded
me of my brother. In front of
me a young boy set up his
lawn chair, blocking my view.

Just you wait, I said to myself.
He toppled from his chair, three times,
then righted himself until
Dad came along and pulled him
back to the fold of the family.


The Muslims were picnicking over
by the pond, the smell of their
BBQ flowing like soft head scarves
through the air.

We nodded to them as we returned
to our cars.

Inside, buckled up, I said to my man
Scott, that was the most relaxing thing
I've done all week.

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