Thursday, June 1, 2017

Good golly, more missiles to launch - 50th Anniv of Sgt Pepper - Poem: Those Nature Shows Make you Think - New Fave Netflix flix

The Stratolaunch plane was moved out from its hangar in Mojave for the first time on Wednesday.

Oops! Sorry for all the extra space below. Easier to launch into the upper reaches of the universe, right Dr Einstein? 

In 2011, Paul G. Allen, one of the world’s richest men, said he would build the biggest airplane ever in the desert north of Los Angeles. 
The goal, said Mr. Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft, was to revolutionize access to space with a plane that could carry rockets to cruising altitude, then launch them into orbit.
If successful, the project, called Stratolaunch, would remove the need for costly launching pads and avoid delays caused by foul weather. But questions over the company’s business model have lingered.
On Wednesday, the aircraft emerged for the first time from its cavernous hangar in Mojave, a small town in Kern County, ostensibly to conduct fueling tests.
No doubt — it’s big.
The wingspan is 385 feet — longer than a football field. The top of the vertical tails are well above four stories off the ground. It weighs roughly 250 tons.
In a statement, Jean Floyd, Stratolaunch’s chief executive, said that as of this week the “initial aircraft construction phase” was finished.
There’s much more work to be done, but the company hopes to have the plane up in the air by 2019.
So I'm in the Egg Aisle at the Giant when I hear a woman who I guessed lived at Regency Towers, former home of my beloved Walter S, missing in action, and she and a neighbor are talking about an upcoming kidney transplant.

Naturally my ears perked up and I assured her it would go well. Her son is getting a new kidney from her son/law.

There was a problem with antibodies, however, so apparently they had to drain out all his blood, ah, Nosferatu, and replace it with new blood.

Really? Don't quote me.

Folks like me who have had a successful transplant, courtesy of my daughter, Sarah Lynn, never take "peeing" for granted.

I made a number of phone calls this morning and lined up some people to attend the Karl Rickels program on Saturday.

So far, I bought him one gift.

Image result for rubbermaid glass containersA Rubbermaid Glass Container.

Wonder if they will eventually sell Rubbermaid Houses that even the poor can afford.

Go for it!

Today's goals.

Finish the book The Afghan Beauty Salon
Image result for the afghan beauty salon  
Finish another hanging mobile. Everything is ready in the Craft Room, including cigarettes I aim to use.

Today's FB poem. 


Woke up this morning to
Sir David Attenborough
narrating a nature show

Always young at 91
always curious
always in love with life

He spoke about flowers
who are cannibals.

Yes! They eat other
living creatures, their
only thought: to survive.

Deep in the jungle, these
"pitcher" flowers attract
beetles, spiders, lovely
butterflies by their
gorgeous colors

Finer than any Hope Diamond
or Princess Diana in her
fine couturier clothes.

Striped, checkered, polka dot
I'd be proud to wear a
Cinderella floor length
ball gown to the next
event I attend.

Come to me, Darling, is
the message of the "pitchers,"
who arrive in hordes
like fans of the Phillies

We can choose the way we live
but rarely the way we die
Please, dear God, I don't
wanna be eaten alive.

Listen to Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band

Hinterlands. I'd tried a dozen new films before I found this un.

The Fosters, thanks to my sister Donna.

Image result for the fosters I gotta do some volunteer work. Saw John Wood of Reading Room on Charlie Rose, so I think I'll do English as a second language with Antoinette in July.

At this point, Korean women are her largest clientele. One of the challenges is teaching them American pronunciation.

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