Saturday, June 24, 2017

Recently Published - Bella Online - The Parking Lot Attendant

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Summer of 2017.

Published by Lisa O'Shea.

Read My Favorite Job here. It's about working as a psychotherapist for the late Bristol-Bensalem Human Services.

Here's Uncle Benny's Stradivarius. Read it here

When I go visit Dan, I pass by an enormous house with front porch. That's the locale of the story. Mom has Uncle Benny's Strad, which, of course isn't real, but I did describe it. And off goes the family - called The Walkers - to Antiques Road Show in downtown Philly.

An awfully good story!

I wrote to Dai Shotter of the UK and asked if it's too soon for me to published anudder short story.

Send it in, she said.

Here's The Parking Lot Attendant from YourOnePhoneCall.

Hmmm. Too much empty space below.

Believe it or not, Scott has another week off.

This time, we're off to Cape May.

We'll lunch at the Lobster House. I could not get a picture.

And stay at The Cape Motel with its outdoor pool.

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