Friday, June 16, 2017

Eric, I do hope you're real and will help me - Poem: Daylillies

Painted pink for three days, then the three houses will be demolished as part of a gentrification project in southern L A.

When I got home from Ocean City N J, my mail box, affixed to my house, was quite full. The horrid ad paper consumed most of the space and held open its arms as other material was lodged inside.

The one thing I wanted to be there was my letter from Blue Cross stating the date that I enrolled in the program.

One Jackie said she would mail it out. This was on June 6.

I called up again, preparing to be on the phone maybe 45 minutes. I turned off all sounds in the house and dialed.

The Customer Service no. was on the back of my card in miniscule print.

Dialed the no., which of course was the wrong one. Christine was gonna t'fer me. Please, I said, gimme the no. in case we're disconnected.

I wrote it down.

Before she ttransferred me, she began giving me a lengthy recitative about some crap, and when I could stand it no more, I hung up on her.

Boy did that feel good!

Now I got Eric. Would Eric be an idiot?

He was not!

He said he would do what he could to 'generate' the letter, but the more we talked, the more he decided to go to bat for me right up front.

He himself would write the letter!

Eric! For me, you'll do dat, mahn?

If indeed I do get the letter next week, I'll see what I can do to get the penny to read "In Eric we trust."

Oh, the things I told this man. I told him we just got back from Ocean City N J, that today was trash day, and that he should check FB as my story The Woman in a Coma would be published.

Well, it was not published!

I wrote the story two years ago. Simply everybody rejected it. I have wrin Roxana that perhaps I was mistaken but I thought it would be published.

Would you believe I told him I was gonna write a short story that takes place in Ocean City? I have it planned in my head and it's due tomro!

At Scott's tonite, we watched and slept thru THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA, an okay film with, in my opinion, an ethical dilemma akin to what Leonard Woolf faced when he married Virginia.

Yvette Mimieux is a tad childish after being kicked in the head, but George Peppard aims to marry her anyway.

Let's take a look at the stunning-ish Yvette.

Image result for yvette mimieux

75 today, she retired many years ago.


Saw a very moving film today at the H V Library called LION.

Chose a different style chair and my butt was killing me thruout the film.

Lion (2016 film).png   It's an Australian film that takes place in Tasmania.

That's Dev Patel up there who is reunited with his family from India. The little kid is himself as a child when he got separated from his family.

I knew Nicole Kidman was in it and learned after the film that she played his adopted mom. In reality his adoptive parents went to India and met his bio family.

Daily poem. Knew I must write this when I looked out window and saw the Kiernan's day lillies. Mine will pop in several days.
Image result for daylilies


The orange ones
have blossomed on
Kiernan's Korner

Long floppy petals
grin up at the sun
with tiny wisps
like Thumbellina's

The architect who
made them had a
playful sense
about him.

Stand close and
you'll hear the
Sssss of the tiny
creatures snuggling
against the fleur.

We know what they are
doing, but we mustn't
say it out loud.

Love is what they're
about. Far from the
rage of war and
lies and betrayal
beyond the sea.

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