Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day - Poem for Mom

Made an early morning run to the Giant to buy ingredients for the Everything Salad that was my contribution to the Mother's Day Festivities at Mamacita's.

A serving is left in the fridge -  the dressing is made from Olive Oil, and juice of lemon and orange.

I forced myself to take pictures. I got out of the habit, but you'll find them below.

After I made the salad, I brewed some
Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea, 16 Tea Bags, 1.27 Ozb/c I needed to submit one more piece of non-fiction to Bella Mused Online. I called it Scoop b/c as a former reporter for Patch, I got a great scoop.

Fortunately, I am able to focus and concentrate.

A week ago I bought this drink which is pure watermelon juice.

Delicious! But once was enough. I was quite curious to try it.

We're so happy when Jade and Matt and "Baby Girl" as sister Lynn calls her, visit mom.

 Congrats to Matt who got an MBA from Del Val College.

 Lynn wore a very cute top.
So did I.

Ellen wouldn't let me photograph her but we're so appreciative of her kind care of Mom.

 Diabetes be damned! I had two slices of this amazing cake, original recipe from Barbara Hexter, but I think we should now call it Jade's Cake. The changing of the generations.

See the water cups in the distance with the gold band around them? We'd never seen em before and Mom had no idea where she got them.  Really nice. Mom has a great sense of design.
Kaia Rose has the most beautiful face! Her eyes remain blue. I think they'll stay blue.

Why are blue eyes so precious? Hmmm. B/c few people in our family have them.

Mom said mine were also blue in the beginning but they turned hazel. I always thought they were brown but my former eye doctor Nick Vu said they were hazel. They do look brown, tho.

Jade can eat with impunity since she's breast-feeding. The weight just drops off her. She's always thirsty and carries a large bottle of water.

Told her when Sarah was born in Tejas I read the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by the La Leche League.

Image result for womanly art of breastfeeding la leche league

Read Mom a poem I wrote for her. Did she like it? Dunno, she's hard of hearing and needs a hearing aide.


survived the deaths
of husband, HJG,
son, David Richard
beloved brother Don,
who back home in Cleveland
was taken for the Lindbergh baby.

Grieved her family members
locked up for mental illness
and drug addiction.

She prevails.

She loves a good joke
and tells many with her
razor-sharp wit in the
palace of her kitchen.

Will she host her own
cooking show? Mrs. Greenwold
Cooks Jewish Favorites?

The gang from Jersey to
New Hope will visit
round the table. She's
baking the chocolate cake
now, since the Jewish apple
is cooling.

Did I tell you she's in pain?
A tumble off her coupon-strewn bed
tried to put her in the hospital
but she had too much work at home.

White-haired, she met Dr Larry Schwartz
when she visited a friend in the hospital.
He called her a handsome woman and
Larry, she has no plans of dying.

Happy Mother's Day! Long live
Queen Bernice!


Wanted to write more but Call the Midwife is on PBS. Remind me to write about deciding not to skip town but to pay back the $5 I owed to Elaine.

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