Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Breakfast at Daddypops - Hello again Ibrahim from Copies to Go

Image result for daddypops hatboro pa   I got there a day late. Wanted to celebrate their 30th anniversary. They charged the same prices as they did when they opened in 1987.

Food was excellent as always. I had tomato juice, a cheese omelet, hashbrowns with onions, and Ellis coffee.

Patrons often have their "own" cup! If I were a regular I'd choose the one that says

Belleek Shamrock "herself" Mug White/green

Do not buy me this for a present. I am throwing cups out as I have too many. Same with drinking glasses.

They also "retire" cups when a former customer dies. I immediately thought of Charlie, my neighbor from across the street. We used to sit on his front porch and chat.

People talk to one another at Daddypops.

How was your trip, the waitress asked the guy who sat next to me with the Cadillac key ring.

He'd gone to Myrtle Beach with his accountant.

He had a unique way of cutting up his omelet, knife and fork, slashing it into bits. Remind me to try that tomro morning.

Danielle transferred my second cup of coffee into a styrofoam cup, so I'm sipping on it now. Is Styrofoam biodegradable. It takes centuries!

Went to Daddypop's directly from American Heritage where I deposited the loot from last nite's meeting. I told the teller Linda about Daddypops and she said she loves it!

Here's Ibrahim from Copies to Go. This is an old photo of him on my blog.

He made a trip downtown to deliver an order!

Couldn't find it the first time but then Postman Andy walked into the shop and directed me there.  He's a Willow Grove postman and had actually delivered mail to me house.

I made 50 copies of Michael's great poster advertising The Karl Rickels program in June. I emailed it to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim will also make copies of our New Directions' brochures and will put the correct email address on it. It'll take awhile but  he's very precise and have it ready rush I said.

The Presbyterian church across the street from him closed down. Not enuf biz. The bldg is for sale. The parishioners went to other Presby churches, perhaps ours.

Any ideas of what the church might be used for?

Another urgent care?
Church of Scientology?
Crack house?

I told Ibrahim what foolish thing I did last night upon entering Abington Prez.

Image result for abington presbyterian church    We enter from the side door. This is the front door. There's a carpet before you enter and it was totally covered with fluffs and poofs that fall from neighboring trees and shrubs.

I lifted up the carpet - OMG was it heavy - and attempted to shake the poofs onto the grass.

Instead they flooded into my face, my nose and my mouth!

Cough cough cough! And I'm still not recovered today.

Ibrahim said, You were doing a good deed in the House of the Lord so good things will happen to you!

Then we discussed spiders.

Image result for spider

His children ask him, Daddy, why don't you just kill spiders instead of taking them outside.

At work, a spider was on his shirt, I believe, so he went outside and flicked him off.

Instead, the spider came right back into the office. He did not wanna leave! I don't blame him. Ibrahim has a very nice vibe.

This morning I ordered three pair of leggings online

Image result for layla leggingsLeggings by Layla. 

Why did I use Layla? Easy to navigate website. Other websites wanted me to use PayPal. I simply use my credit card.

Dyou think they'll fit?

Today's FB poem is below.


After I'd signed various
petitions to save the
whales, the bipolar bears,
and pre-existing conditions
I took to the streets.

I missed the major dogwalkers
Maggie was reclining on the
lawn as her mistress jabbered
with a neighbor

A friend o mine, Linda J
would take her cat Lukie
for a morning walk

Was that a prized gold finch
winging across the street?
The high hill, thinks I, is
not so bad, optimism, that's
what we like about you Ruthie

A corner family is moving
I search their trash cans
as I fly by. High poles
sticking out.

I fashion them into a
mobile to hang on my
ceiling, but only
in the ceiling of
my mind.

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  1. I returned all three leggins and never got my money back. Grrrrr! I'd be a rich woman if they'd sent my money back.