Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello from the Jazz Cruise in the Caribbean!

With great difficulty I'm logging in on the Internet Cafe, here on the sixth floor of the ship which has 12 decks.

$50 for 24 hours.

Sarah and I just came from a marvelous gospel concert in a huge auditorium. Stadium seating. Everywhere you go, they wanna sell you something, esp. alcoholic drinks.

Host of the gospel show was Wycliffe Gordon. Super-talented. He either played the slide trombone or the saxophone.

Today we stay in the ship all day long as we make our way to Puerto Rico. Loads to do.

My main concern is watching my blood sugar. I try to keep it a little high rathan go low. Fortunately in Brooklyn, I bought a new battery for my meter.

Last night when Sarah Ethan and I were eating, the meter did not work. I reached into my diabetes bag and pulled out the new battery.

It was impossible to open. Finally Ethan pried it open with a fork.

He mostly stays in his cabin as he's on deadline working on a new piece.

I told loads of people about The Bad Plus. Juan and Toby Valdez, who I met poolside, showed up at the concert while the boys were banging away. They played from their new CD "It's Hard" - Reid Anderson was the moderator - and offered "Life is often hard" - we were sailing over rough seas for the first time and it was difficult for the seas inside us to remain in balance.

Altho Juan is Cuban, he was born in the Bronx. He and I had many things in common, health issues.

Today before the gospel concert, I had breakfast - an omelet on an English muffin - never again - you can taste the preservative -  corned beef hash (OK) - and loads of cheese - cheddar, swiss, provolone - which I dipped into Grey Poupon.

The sked announced a film about Miles Davis. It was on the Rooftop Terrace. The only way to get up there was to climb up a stairway - not to heaven - but a stairway where you could scarily see to the bottom.

All right, Ruthie, you can do it, says I.

I'm wearing my sneakers. Good, I said, after each stair I climbed. Good. I was friggin terrified!

You could barely see the film bc of the sunlight plus it was terrible!

I asked one of the many international helpers to hold my hand while going down the steps.

On their name badge, everyone has his/her name and their country.

Last night I had Gordiana from Serbia.

For $69 I got my toenails polished. Met a very lovely woman also getting a pedicure from Philadelphia. She's getting a master's in psychology from Chestnut Hill College. She'll specialize in trauma.

We'll definitely keep in touch, we told one another. I gave her my card. I will never hear from her again.

We disembarked in Nassau, the Bahamas.

They do not want any strangers returning on the ship, so they photograph you at several points and insist on two forms of identification.

Sarah and I had a fantastic meal! First we walked about half an hour checking everything out and then settled on a high-up restaurant where we'd have a view.

I ordered a Bahama Mama which had coconut, rum, pineapple juice and was delicious. I was entitled to a second drink, but didn't wanna chance getting tipsy, like I am now from the rhythm of the sea.

We had spicy seafood chowder, buttered roasted cauliflower and a soft biscuit holding fresh lobster salad.

Gifts: It's important to support the people of the island whose gift shops line the streets. Karen sold me a pull-toy for Max. Sarah took a photo of the two of us together.

I've probly taken 100 photos but I don't know how to get them on here. However, I may ask Elena from Ukraine if she can take them off my iPhone and put them on here.

You know the troubles I've seen with my iPhone right? I actually called Ethan and Sarah on it. And the first day I was at set, while still in the States, I called Scott.

It's usually about 71 degrees.

When people say it's February I have no idea what they're talking about.

Afternoon Tea at 2 pm features some good jazz people.

Amazing to think that every single person on this cruise loves jazz! There are also children aboard.

I am really hungry now.

Oh! I bought about 25 postcards. Have no idea how and where to mail them. I did bring an orange sheet with me with many names.

Am reading a fairly good book the kids lent me: Oblivion by Peter Abrahams.

Wish me luck as I sway my way to the Oceanview Cafe.

Do me a favor. Leave me a reply. (They never do.)

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