Thursday, February 23, 2017

My 15 minutes of Fame - Poem: The SEPTA Train Wreck - Are We Alone?

 Anna Elder of Montco Happening Wrote a nice article about me and New Directions.

Read it here.  This was my house in 2011.

Left a message on Scott's answering machine since he was asleep.

"Check your emails when you wake up."

He just wrote back. "Great poem."


In his steel-tip boots
hard-hat and luminescent
vest like eels beneath the sea
he clocked in
ka-klick, ka-klick
and viewed the wreckage.

Not as bad as the Titanic
but they were his trains
and he loved them like
he did his toy cars
as a kid

To see the once shiny
cars from Sweden, glimmering
in the sun, smashed
like cherry trees after
a hurricane, made him
sweat and moan.

He'd work all night long,
toolkit strapped to
his belt to bring his
babies back to life.

Going home on the train at night,
too tired to read his
Hemingway short stories
he'd puff out his chest
and wished he could shout
I fixed them like they was
the babies I never did have
All fixed and ready to ride.


I ran after Mailman Joe this morning since my gift card came back in the mail.

I instantly recognized it was from me as I use this Green Flaps my sister Donna gave me from Starbucks. I use them instead of licking the envelopes.

Couldn't figure out what was wrong with the address for our little newborn Kaia Rose Greene. Then I saw a circle drawn around the place the stamp should be.

Stuck on a stamp, put on my sneakers and ran after Joe.

"What a hilly street," I said, huffing and puffing.

He told me where he'd be subbing tomro....worse streets.

NY Times article about the discovery of new planets.

Image result for sun and planets


Carl Sagan, you showed us
the wonders of the universe
on your TV program Cosmos.
Who knew about such things
until your inquiring mind
came along?

Your time was up at age 62
The world waits for no one
and a new discovery has blown
our minds.

It has a name: Trappist-1
It's like our sun and
seven darlings orbit
around their mama.

The inky dark night is
the best time to look
and the best time to believe
And I do!
I believe we are not
alone. They may not
look like us - perhaps
they look like Chirons,
half-horse, half-man,
or like the many-toed
centipede that crawls
across my grass

I will accept them. I
will love them. I will
make peace with them
just as the scientists
who discovered them are
waltzing all over their labs.

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