Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Scientific Discoveries - Poems: The Peripatetic Omelet Eater - Ed Twiski basks on his front porch and I wave


With a spritz of mild green
Tabasco sauce, Omelet and I
ventured outdoors in the
mild 40 degree weather.

Traces of snow dotted the
land like whipped cream
on pie.

Today is Wednesday
Nick's day to answer the
phones. I often find him
reading in a rocking chair
at the Abington Libe.

I've done it now, for sure.
Six books checked out
from Upper Moreland. Brave-
hearts, Whistleblowing in the
Age of Snowden. "Deep Throat"
in this book is called "The
Third Man."

The whistle blows. Can you
hear it? Miss Ina, the counselor
at Camp Cardinal in Rome, Ohio,
summons us to swim. Hazel Berry
I hope you'll be there. I've got
some Blackjack Gum we can share.

  When I goggled the camp, look what came up? Jade's baby shower!

Also many photos of these religious dudes

Image result for camp cardinal rome ohio  Lovely portrait but dunno who did it in the 1500s

Image result for penicillin discoverer
Alexander Fleming of the UK discovered penicillin 

Henri Becquerel
The Discovery of Radioactivity. In 1896 Henri Becquerel was using naturally fluorescent minerals to study the properties of x-rays, which had been discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Roentgen.

Image result for radioactivity

Ever heard of the illustrious Christine de Pizan?

Image result for Christine de Pizan?

Read about this remarkable writer below.

1364 – c. 1430) was an Italian French late medieval author. She served as a court writer for several dukes (Louis of Orleans, Philip the Bold of Burgundy, and John the Fearless of Burgundy) and the French royal court during the reign of Charles VI. She wrote both poetry and prose works such as biographies and books containing practical advice for women. She completed forty-one works during her 30-year career from 1399–1429.[1] She married in 1380 at the age of 15, and was widowed 10 years later. Much of the impetus for her writing came from her need to earn a living to support her mother, a niece and her two surviving children. She spent most of her childhood and all of her adult life in Paris and then the abbey at Poissy, and wrote entirely in her adopted language, Middle French.

Image result for smoked butterscotch latte calories  Question:  Is the Smoked Butterscotch Latte worth $5 plus tip.

Yes! There's no other way to know how it tastes. I sipped it in the car as I was driving home.


(changed his name)

Can you imagine the derring-do of this man
Showing the world you needn't busy yourself
every single minute?

A dogwalker, he and his new black dog Maggie
parade up our hilly street, a real show-stopper
tho gotten from the pound, Ed's trained her

to believe in her own beauty, stature and
importance. I will follow in Bliski's footsteps
and stand at attention on my porch step

and sip the rhapsodic remains of my Smoked Butterscotch
Latte, which I learned of three days ago at
LaGuardia Airport, tasty, sweet, and smooth as
a piece of wedding cake. 

MY BISSELL SWEEPER GAVE OUT. I spent 15 minutes going thru my papers until I found where I bought it. From Best Buy for $37.09 on March 19, 2014.

How quickly time passes. And no it is not under warranty. My mother's 40-yo Electrolux still works!

I studied the prices online. Called up Walmart but the woman would not help me purchase it online, so that cost Walmart $50, but gained Amazon the $53.07 including tax.

What's for dinner?

I bought a huge salad and will eat it after I ride my bike from the hi-carb Butterscotch drink.

Whoever invented butterscotch deserves a large pension.

One is its obvious connection to the country of Scotland. Buttery toffee is sometimes called butterscotch. Another that the word Scotch was derived from the word "Scorch." The word "Butterscotch" was first recorded in Doncaster, a Yorkshire city in England, by Samuel Parkinson who began making candy in 1817.

Image result for who invented butterscotch

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