Saturday, November 12, 2016

What a long day... and it still ain't over - Novel-writing group at the library - Poem: Government

Remember I told you I paid $300 to have my upstairs computer fixed? That's where I'm typing now. A new problem has arisen, like Christ on Easter morning.

I can't delete a thing! Scott came over and tried everything he could think of but nothing worked.

Also, the downstairs laptop is flawed like an apple with a dent in it. You take a series of photos, but they don't all show up in the pix folder.

Mon dieu, what have I done to deserve this!

I'll have anudder sip of tea... hot cinnamon and spice.

Here's my FB poem of the day, which was very popular. And nice and short.


What government?
The center cannot hold
The eye cannot see
The mind cannot think

All the world trembles
as America's mistakes
missteps, violence across
the seas

Are magnified by
The Narcissist's
accession to the throne

Trumpet it to the skies
As God looks on, as only
he can, with a wink.


I had told Adam the Librarian yesterday that I was gonna work on a novel based on my granddaughter Grace Catherine.

You can borrow one of their computers AND a mouse. I can't type on that keypad like you youngsters can.

I'd asked Adam to have name cards for us as we do in our Book Club. I'm currently listening to the audio book Nora Webster in my car.

Eh! Not all that good.

Every seat was filled in the writing group at the library. A few people were willing to discuss the premise of their book. Many were still working on the one from the previous year.

  My book is loosely based on my grand-dtr Grace Katherine.

The book is tentatively called Katy Robin and The Ant Hill.

I had absy no idea what to write about but after breakfast I jotted down some ideas and followed through on the library's laptop, with the help of two cups of Starbucks in red Christmas cups.

Shall we see if they're online? Only then can I insert a photo.

Oh, for pete's sakes, there's even an article in Fortune about them.

Image result for starbucks in xmas cups

And now, Dear Reader, we finish this blog and continue with our Writing Group.

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