Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The funeral of Denis Omar Hazam at St Mary's Episcopal Church - Poem: Taxicab Ride

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Rob arrived at 12:16
in van saying School
Children Aboard.

We talked about flowers
as we bounced along. He
grows cannas and brings the
tubers into the basement
to hibernate, the tissue-
paper of grizzly bears

Four oclocks are beautiful
he said. I told him the
story of Denis, who died
from complications of

Rob picks people up
from dialysis, Young
kids, he said, and told
of the many tests you
must get to have a
transplant. I closed
my eyes in silent
remembrance, as I
gripped the handle
on my seat as Rob
drove like a Nascar

Shoulda turned left
he said as the
Schuylkill River shimmered
on our left. Later,
Never saw this before.
A little water falls, Maybe
we're in Niagara Falls,
I joked joylessly.

He turned off his
meter. We found Saint
Mary's Church. Another
five minutes while he
fumbled with a laptop
as he took my credit

Half hour late.

Frankly, I was grateful
I was still alive after
our hairpin-turn drive
and took the train home.


 On a side table, there was a photo album. Few people looked at it.
 Denis. Fran printed out a huge photo of Denis, with his most impressive bio on the back, and I keep it on my living room desk. When I pass by, I say, "Hi Denis! I miss you!"
 Saint Mary's. Denis and also Fran helped out a lot on Sundays. Many folks from the church attended his funeral and luncheon afterward.

 Edie Mannion of TEC looked wonderful as did Mary Catherine Lowry of MHASP.
The feathered Cranford Coulter lost his earring feather. View his website here.
Do all churches have red doors? Ours does at Abington Prez.

 Saw this sculpture on The Penn Campus as we were leaving for lunch across the street.

Frank talked about buying The Perfect Turkey

Holman, orig from Iceland, is writing a sci-fi novel since he retired as a scientist, and Hannah was guiding people on what to do.

Since I have diabetes, I ate no pizza. Diabetes is always in the back of my mind. As soon as I sat down I injected 14 units in my belly. Got insulin-dependent 5 weeks after my kidney tplant from my antirejection meds.

 The coffee wasn't hot, but then Brandy returned with freshly made hot coffee. I'm on the left wearing earrings my friend Elaine K made. Light blue danglers.
 I hate sitting with my back turned for the simple reason that I like a panoramic view. What! You think I'm a riverboat gambler and they're coming to git me?
Mary Catherine Lowry is on my email list. Now I have a picture of her. MHASP does excellent work. Denis was the benefits manager and helped hundreds if not thousands of people. I sent people his way.

 David in the middle will probly run the DBSA support group held at the Hospital of the University of PA. Photo later of the hospital. The feathered one also attends. He lives in Perkasie, PA. Let's find out the meaning of the name.

Both the town of Perkasie and Pocasie Creek come from the Lenape word Poekskossing [or Pokesing], meaning 'where the hickory nuts were cracked.' There was doubtless a village on the site of the present town before William Penn’s Perkasie Manor was settled.
Also from his group. Devorah on left is from Bosnia in Croatia. Genocide places. She also wrote Denis a poem. I gave her the poem I wrote.

When she was leaving she reached under the table to grab her pocketbook.

Sez I, I already stole all the valuables.

She said, Then you took nothing!
Fran Hazam munching on her burger and fries. I gave her a goodie bag with some Pepperidge Farm cookies as she'll be having company.

 Couldn't wait to meet her grandson Brian from Downingtown. This is a very smart family. I call Fran a polymath. Brian goes to an online cyber school where he's way ahead of other kids so he mentors some of the students.

He also takes martial arts. As a kid he was really into trains, like Thomas the Train and then Nana (Fran) bought him Legos, out of which he made a train.

Banned from my diabetes diet are pickles and fries. First thing I did was ate the yummy pickle and a few fries dipped in ketchup. Did you know Jackie Onassis put ketchup on her scrambled eggs? Unacceptable!

The veggie burger was outstanding!

To clean off my fingers - should I tell you this? - I dipped my fingers in the cold coffee.

Cranford and I walk to the Thirtieth Street Train Station. I hated to hold him up but I needed to take photos. Remember the red sculpture? It's called Covenant. Click twice for the artist. 

Lovely old bldgs on the Penn Campus, rich with endowments.

 The famous LOVE statue, by Robert Indiana, who's 88 yo. 
 Look it's getting dark already. Couldn't resist taking a pic of this silver tree.
Hospital of the University of PA. where the support group is held.

Thanks, O Feathered One, for guiding me to the train station.

 Lots of waiting around, then transferring, I always asked a SEPTA person for help and got off the Willow Grove train around 6:30 pm.

Walked briskly down Davisville Road, the way Scott walks when he goes to work. Tried to cut thru the path behind our houses.

Could not find the path in the dark, so walked to Ball Road, knowing I was gonna ask someone to drive me home. Cowbell is a huge hill.

A young man was painting something for his grandmother when I asked him.

Just a sec, he said, I'll go in and get my keys.

Called Scott to tell him I was home.

I had a 7:30 pm event by a Holocaust survivor at the Township Bldg. which is on my next blog. Don't get no relief!

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