Friday, November 25, 2016

Short Story "On Good Days I Remember My Name" pubished on Twisted Sister

Image result for edgehill nursing home glenside  When I drive to Dan n Nicole's I pass by a nursing.  home. I've never been inside.

Read the short story here, published by Twisted Sister. Thank God they like my work.

Gotta hurry cuz I'm exhausted and wanna fall into bed and read a terrific book. I'd given DESTINY to Dan on his 40th b day. He just gave it back and I'm hooked.

Image result for destiny candice millard
  Tomro is our Writing Group. Two choices:  fix something I'd wrin... or write something new.

In my mind I picture a teenage boy, nice looking, overly emotional, who has roseacea. I met a woman with that condition. Together we watched a Second Opinion Show about it, so I thought about this young man.

Will I write it?

What dyou think? I'm guessing yes.

Am watching this C+ documentary right here on my laptop. Pardon me while I watch and fall asleep.Image result

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