Saturday, September 10, 2016

Submit, she said, so I did! - This Writer's Life

They're in the Jungle on tonite's movie Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Goody! It's not over for anudder, oh, 40 minutes.

Thanks, Marci Lou, for your rah-rah support while I submitted This Writer's Life to Bella Online Lit Review.

The editor, Lisa Shea, contacted me yesterday and asked if I'd be the Featured Artist for the next issue.

Would I?

Mais oui!

Can you see me courtseying in my big boot?

From the upstairs TV I hear the voice of Alec Guinness as he instrux the captors on how to dynamite the bridge to foil the Japanese.

Appropriate on the eve of 9/11.

Gotta hurry here as I wanna watch the film.

Woke up late and had to drive to find Mailman Dante and hand him my very important postcards.

One for Grace and Max, asking how their school year is going. They love school.

One a belated b'day card for a woman who just turned 107 and has no idea about it.

One an anonymous $25 contribution to WHYY-TV. Cash.

One to Stella as I call her to say, The only way you're gonna feel good is to go to that Indian psychiatrist at Collaborative Care and get rid of thother one who's got you on all the wrong medication.

She and I have been working on this for about two yrs now.

 Upstairs office.... what's with the dim light?
 These huge envelopes are 'seconds' from my printer, Ray of Accu-print.
Told Marci Lou I would raid the refrigerator. Instead I searched for my pretzels - Here, salted pretzels, here salted pretzels, and finally found them.

Gonna go upstairs now, lie in bed, and watch the fini of the movie. Perhaps Patrick Stoner will give us some insights. He did. Alec won Best Actor.

Image result for patrick stoner  Is he a national PBS person?

Thank you so much – that is fantastic!!

Lisa Shea 

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