Sunday, September 4, 2016

Great film noir - Phone Call from a Stranger

 Ate the last delicious yogurt pop Sarah and I bought last nite at the Giant. Did I tell you we watched a made-for-Amazon TV show Mozart in the Jungle? Cute. Well-acted. Sex, drugs and music.

Who was that actor, I kept saying. Aha! Malcolm McDowell - b. in 1943 - from the X-rated Clockwork Orange and also Lucky Man.
Kept waiting for Scott to come over. Turns out he's sick! A cold or virus. He finally called. Was wearing one of my new blouses for him to see.

Here are stills from the movie, which was one of the best I've seen. We spend a lot of time in an airplane.
Oh no! It's gonna crash.

 Shelly Winters and Gary Merrill, who was married to Bette Davis for a while.

The crash scene was excellent! Went by so fast!

Then Gary Merrill visits the survivors of the plane crash, including Bette Davis. We cannot wait to see her, as her husband bragged on the plane about what a knockout she was.

True, but that's before she was crippled and paralyzed and couldn't leave her bed.

As it sez in Ecclesiastes, to everything there is a season

So now it's time to.................... 

Amy's enchaladas were quite good. Watermelon for dessert

I asked myself What are you looking f/w to? I do have to write The Bump. But if I could write it while sipping on coffee, that would be sublime!

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