Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First debate between Hillary and Trump - Poem: Prayer for Saint Birgitta

Image result for hillary vs trumpShe likes Red and He wears an American flag pin.

If this were a boxing match, she punched him down so many times that he was punch-drunk at the end. His famous arrogance and confidence vanquished.

Began the day by waking up at 8:15, thinking a moment, and then screeching, OMG I've gotta be at the nursing home at 10:30.

I looked up activities for my group of maybe 10 individuals. I'd watched a YouTube video of elders competing over games.

Yes, I thought. We'll play games. I wrote out questions before I left. Then turned on my audio book Call the Midwife. Let's - all 9 of us - take at look at what The World Book - or Encyclopedia Brittanica - or
Diderot's Encyclopedia - says about Call the Midwife.

Call the midwife book cover.jpg  
I submitted to lit journals for hours and hours, sitting on my bun, listening to music to drown out sounds, as I composed, rewrote, and submitted, heart in mouth.

I wrote five short ficcione for Matchbook magazine. Walter - Darlene Come Back - The Duster - Cold - and Soulmates.

Submitted six newly composed poems to "Ink, Sweat and Tears" from London.

"Messages" is the theme. Can only remember a couple of poem names - one is about the train ride to Dachau, another about Dad dying of cancer.

You trim all the fat off the meat.

Will I ever fall asleep, that is the question. When I go downstairs, I hold the banister with both arms - please! not barrister! - banister - and I look straight ahead out the window.

Hey, the streets were shiny.


Gotta hop aboard the arc before it leaves. Just call me Jeanne.

You know what? I made up the name Saint Birgitta.


Holy Saint Bergitta,
Please protect me as I drive to work
Protect me from the idiots who, leaning
on their horns, scare the bejeezus
out of me.

Protect me from the morons
who ride my bumper as if they want to
come inside and make love to me.

Protect me from the audio book I
listen to - Call the Midwife -
to make sure I don't have a
breech pregnancy and drive
into a ditch.

Protect me from my job at
the nursing home. They are
old, with dementia, still
lovable, but for Chrissakes,
they're all gonna die. 


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