Saturday, September 3, 2016

PART TWO - Our Day with Cherian - Cognitive clearing - Poemish - Until Morning Comes

 Ed is proud of his pen collection.

 The above pen was designed by an artist. Ed paid $49. It's some sort of a shotgun, something every American should keep at home. Then, when the Vandals and Barbarians arrive, you can shoot em!
 Staff of six at Keystone. I asked, Dyou have any pens?

They do and they're now part of my collection.
We rode to the Longhorn Steak House for lunch. I sat in the back of the Hyundai Genesis which has SCREENS on the windows!

Ellen must test- drive a Hyundai!

Sarah's gone to sleep downstairs so I've gotta be as quiet as a mouse.

The crickets and cicadas are quite loud.

 We eat at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Pull out the knife, said Cherian, like Excaliber.

I do. The bread is fab. It's a whole wheat bread with a hearty taste of molasses.

Wherever we are with Cherian, we learn new things.

 I order a humongous cheeseburger that's delicious. Instead of fries I order broccoli bc of my diabetes.
One of the ways Cherian relaxes and clears his mind is thru meditating with this app.

Subjects we touch upon are Dr Johnny O'Reardon, Parkinson's disease (hope there are clinical trials for this - Ed, Allan, and John are folks I know with it - physical therapist Margaret Fitzpatrick of Abington runs an exercise group for Parkinson's.

We discuss Why do people with mental illness hate taking pills? I suggested that every time you take a pill you're saying I have a mental illness. You don't mind, however, taking a cholesterol pill or a pill for hypertension.

Asked Cherian about eating meat as cows are sacred in India, where he was born.

India is huge, he says, and he is from a particular part which is Christian. In fact, he belongs to a church where these Syriac Christians worship.

Folks with schizophrenia, he told us, have a neurodegenerative disease. Can that be possible? I have a friend who hears voices and deals with them by constantly writing in a notebook.

Is this true for bipolar people, I ask.

We're not sure, he said. It's also true for untreated depression. I also ascertained they are two distinct disorders, not on a single spectrum.

While we sleep, our minds cleanse themselves, including the spinal fluid. This was so interesting.

Read Why Does Running Help Clear your Mind

Cherian would like our help on getting more research subjects so more important drugs can be developed.

There are only about 10 centers like his around the country dedicated to his type of research, which is the very best there is. This does not include the commercials you  hear on TV or the radio.

Cherian will speak anywhere trying to get his message out.

He also said that Clinical Trials are so close to bringing out a drug that will totally get rid of Tardive Dyskinesia, a horrible unsightly movement disorder that makes people stare at you.

Always end on a happy note.

Out on the front porch steps I go
The midnight sky is dark and deep
Clouds like huge purple mountains
lumber across the sky,
Gone are the wasps who tried to
nest on my bedroom shutters
Gone too are the sounds of the
football game, the cheerleaders
throwing their batons high in
the air, the cool autumn breeze
ruffling their hair
Slumber calls us
We yawn and fall
onto cold sheets that
enfold us until
morning comes.

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