Sunday, September 25, 2016

Neighbor Pete and his Merry Men Tackle the Jungle of my Backyard - Poem: Taming my Overgrown Back Yard

Photos I took and put on FB.... and of course I wrote a poem, which I posted on FB

 Hello, my name is Luka, and his dad is Leo.
 Pete Lytle, who lives a couple doors down.
Luka's dad Leo. They live in Hatboro. Thother guy lives in Elkins Park.

 Hello Jeff! He came in a beautiful red car, a Toyota Versa, I believe.

 Four bags full for takeaway tomro, Monday.
They came for me!

I had a pitcher of cold water for them on the deck.

 You are terrific people, I said. One of Pete's friends is saving money to adopt a child from Africa so I wrote him a check for that.
Antique artifact.

The late Bill Sanders would occasionally cut my grass. Here's his unopened Busch Beer, caked in mud. Very nice man, thoughtful, considerate, could not stop drinking.


dedicated to Pete Lytle and The Gilgal Group

My backyard had turned
into a jungle. All it
lacked was Tarzan and
Jane and monkeys swinging
from the vines.

I sip on peppermint tea
as I hear the impossibly
beautiful songs in my
yard - buzz saws, hedge clippers
electric blowers

And men talk flowing all
around. Once they were
boys, making forts
and treehouses, looking
at the night sky,

counting the stars
and wondering, "Is there
a God?"

I hear snippets of
conversation - Pete's
quick laugh - "Glad
I could come, nothing
better to do on a Sunday" -

"Coming, Luka?" or a
black-haired man who's
gonna start a newchurch
in Norristown,
tools stolen from
the back of his truck.

The luck of the Irish -
or the Jews, was with me
when Neighbor Pete,
who has the energy
of the sun inside him,
volunteered to enlist his
buddies to get the job

It's like living in a park!
Wanna take a stroll with me?
C'mon over and knock on the door.
I'll have lemonade and cookies
waiting on the deck.

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