Friday, April 18, 2014

Thanks, Robin! Will wear the beads at my sister Donna's 65th

Today, Good Friday, the Giant Food Store was mobbed. They'll be closed all day Sunday.

All I needed were chopped onions n peppers for Sunday's Easter Pizza.

Went upstairs to say Hello to Robin Franklin, Community Coordinator. She gave me a stack of name tags, in addition to a gift.

Inside a blue box, the color of Tiffany boxes, she'd stashed a long necklace made out of New Yorker covers.

She'd made a bunch of these for a wedding and saved me one.

Robin and many of her family members have a long tradition, she said, of subscribing to the New Yorker.

She collects the covers and simply rolled them up to make paper beads, learning the technique from Etsy.

In the pic above is a b'ful vase I bought at a garage sale. Stuck inside are 'paper leaves' from thick pages I found in the New Yorker.

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