Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Be Well Cafe and Bakery" of Huntingdon Valley won our stomachs - Bruce "Yuan" Li returneth

 My Moroccan Chick Pea cold salad was delicious. Butternut squash chunks, along with sliced beets and a bit of spinach.

I just "liked" them on FB.
 Ellen got their SuperSalad which was also fab. Had kale in it.
 Ellen took two pix of me but I didn't see the flash go off.

 Pleasant surroundings. The guy was reading the NY Times. This space used to be Santiago's Coffee Shop, also a great place.
 Hi Ellie Bellie! She bot a slice of flourless chocolate cake for her and Mom.
 The owner Ryan took a pic of me next to the Bakery counter. As a PWD, I could not indulge.
 Clever terrariums made out of gum machines. Pop!
Be Well Bakery & Cafe on Huntingdon Pike in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

The last time I was at Santiago's was when New Directions had a program at the Huntingdon Valley Community Room.

We had many guest speakers including people from New Directions Delaware, including the late Miles Bart. 

Here's Miles' fascinating must-read obit from 2011

He was 82 and had a heart condition. He had told me about it when we met in the cafe. I was shocked. I just assume people will live forever.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped at the Lord's New Church.

 Blue flowers: Please tell us your name.

Ellen thought they were grape hyacinths, which are below.

Read about the Muscari family here. They're quite different from our family.

When Dan was a small boy, he kept wanting to jump from this 12-foot high wall to the grass below. How that boy nagged me.

Finally I said yes.

"See Mom," he said, when he landed rocking on his ankles. "I didn't even fall over."

 The steep hill at the church that my kids would race down OR roll down.

When services let out from the beautiful door below, people see this topiary.
The Church is famous for its artistry. No two swirls above are alike.

It was so beautiful out today, I sat on my deck and read.
We owe it to tulips to stick our proboscis inside and sniff the beautiful aroma.
Never saw this stone table before.

I took this nice blurry close-up of a guy photographing a young woman.
Mom and I sat out on her back porch chatting. 

Bruce, the Chinese exchange student, is visiting for the weekend. His host family are spending Easter with relatives in Maryland.

We are so happy to be reunited!

 We visited Pennypack Trust and I showed him Tony's Tree. We met a nice man along the path named Paul Stall.
 Bruce is on Skype now with his parents.

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