Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pennypack Creek Cleanup

 Minor damage from our winter storms. But the Trust saw many ancient trees topple.
 Linda and Ruth put trash in their heavy-duty plastic bags.
 The weather was sunny but quite chilly. Since I keep a hat in my glove compartment, I ran back to put it on before we sojourned through a section of the 800-plus acres.
 Three students from Central High in Philly forded the Pennypack Creek to gather trash. Scott told me Central is where the smart kids go.
 Bridge foundations slowly erode over time.
 I found a broken white eggshell and a feather. I save eggshells in a nest I have at home, but, not surprisingly it got crushed in my pocket. Note the soft lining of pine needles above. Made me feel like lying down on them and reading a good book.
 Gary, one of the groundsmen, led us on our walk along the "Webb Walk." Here's the springhouse. Ashley and Vanny joined us in the photo.
 I wore two layers of pants - my PJs served as a layer - and wore Scott's Black Lab Sweatshirt.

 After we dropped off our trash bags, we headed toward the Trust on a road that housed a barnyard of goats.
 The goats have incredibly beautiful faces. Linda was petting them, so I took off my gloves and did the same.

I knew about the goats since I'd seen them on a Pennypack-sponsored walk to view the 1921 Train Crash Site. 
 Farmhouse with barking standard poodle.
 Ah, lunch! Rich Fleisher said the first time he had a wrap was right here on Creek Cleanup Day. I told Rich I thought about him when I came upon a York Peppermint Patty wrapper, which he used to eat after dinner.

But, he said, he picked up a new and delicious chocolate habit: Wilbur Buds. He was surprised I had heard of these chocolate drops manufactured before Hershey's.

I took a trip, I told him, to the factory.

In Lititz, he said.

Indeed I did - one of my fabulous bus day trips. 

I had a delicious veggie wrap plus hot dog - no bun - and went back for seconds.
 Linda slugs down cold water which tasted great b/c we were so hot from working so hard.
David and Mary Robertson, who hosted the event.

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