Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deming's new website causes worldwide sensation - stocks jump

Oh, for godsakes, I'm only kidding.

Remember, the new website, powered by WordPress, is for my nonprofit org - New Directions. The website you're viewing now is the free Goggle account.

Facts about WordPress:

- My WordPress costs $166 per year.

- My son Dan chose it for me b/c he can 'walk me thru' the fine points over the phone instead of face to face.

- The old website can only be accessed by one person - me. To do so, I have to leave my comfy living room couch, where my travelin Laptop is currently set up, and walk (hobble) upstairs into the Study and work off my Desktop. Dan was not able to transfer the now-obsolete Microsoft Front Page program onto my laptop.

There are a no. of things I need to fix on the new website. When you click on About Us you'll see a pic of a bored meeting from 2005.

Until tonite when I called Dan, I didn't know how to move the old photo. And below the board meeting is a photo of a very impressive group at NIMH - National Institute of Mental Health - I once used as my titular advisors.

I wanted to keep that photo there as a supreme act of narcissism.

Moving these two items is Low on my Priority List.

The main thing is to figure out what links to show the viewer. And in what order. "Organization," for me, takes a lot of thought power. Am too tired to do it tonite, so if you'll kindly excuse me...

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