Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Quick and the Dead - Family in New Hope photo - Poem Gladiolas

After my walk around the block - see poem below - I was reminded of my old friend

Simon R Baniewicz

Simon, or "Si" as he liked to be called, taught me more about the computer than any other person. I did go to his funeral but sadly he wasn't there.

His caretaker, Donald Bush, was there, as was his family. I met his former wife for the first time. As I mentioned in a previous post, she passed away earlier this year.

Simon knew I was writing a novel about him. I called him Julius. In Si's family, all the kids were named after saints.


The only one out on my
early morning walk
was the boy/man with
knitted cap and
Buddy, his fierce-
looking German Shepherd
who was frightened
of everyone!

Bunches of rhodo-
dendron had bloomed
fat as cabbage,
blossoms of bright pink
silver white and - could
it be true - dandelion yellow?

And then I saw them.
Oh, what were they called?
I had them years ago on the
side of the house where
my peonies now bloom

Glads. Gladiolas.
He gave them to me.
The farmer I would
visit on Saturdays
and come home loaded
with onions, potatoes
and things he would
paint for me.

Like my red digging
tool. I still have it
waiting outside for a
nice day like today.
And I will remember
You, Frank. Frank Bubeck.

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