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The Last Days in Vietnam rebroadcast - Lynn Levin poetry reading - Happy Bday Daddy

  Just woke up now after watching the last half hour of PBS American Experience on Who goes? And who gets left behind?

Film Description

April, 1975. During the chaotic final days of the American involvement in the Vietnam War, as the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon, South Vietnamese resistance crumbled. City after city and village after village fell to the North while the U.S. diplomats and military operatives still in the country contemplated withdrawal.

With the lives of thousands of South Vietnamese hanging in the balance, those in control faced an impossible decision—who would go and who would be left behind to face brutality, imprisonment, or even death.

IN MY DREAM I thought I was partially responsible for getting Americans and South Vietnamese out of the country.

The film was made by: 

Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy (born December 12, 1968) is an American documentary filmmaker, and youngest child of U.S. Senator Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy.
Although her father was assassinated before she was born, Kennedy consciously relates to his philanthropic mission, and her core activity is the making of documentary films that centre on social issues.

These include addiction, nuclear radiation, the treatment of prisoners-of-war, and the politics of the Mexican border-fence, and her films have been featured on many TV networks. 

It was to her wedding that her cousin John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife, and his sister-in-law were flying when they were killed in a plane crash.


Wanted a Guest Speaker for our May 16 meeting. We wanted a birder. I'd emailed a woman named Kathy and was sure I'd hear from her.

When I didn't, I thought, Hmmm, who might I get? Actually, tho, Kathy did respond but she moved far away.

I got the best, the very best!

Ruth Pfeffer. Or as Scott said, Ruth Feather.

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She is never home so I was lucky to get her. I'd seen her at PERT - Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. Once you see her, you never forget her.

Friday night at 7 pm was the Lynn Levin Poetry Reading at the Huntingdon Valley Library.

I printed out about 5 poems. At the last minute, I changed into "leggings" and decided I must write a poem about it.

A woman named Brenda was positive I wrote it bc of the recent decree that certain passengers are not allowed to wear leggings on a certain airline. I'd never heard that story before.

Brenda had memorized various poems in the fifth grade at the behest of her teacher and recited one for us.

A woman named Robin read some previously published poems including one by Billy Collins about great years, such as good ole 1595. It was clever and hilarious. 

We had a great turnout of the folks from Lynn's narrative poetry class.

This is from another poetry reading. Elijah and Beatriz at Weinrich's Bakery.

The librarian, Sharon, made a nice little party for us with delicious 'bought cookies" and coffee. I drank some hot decaf, knowing I'd most likely be able to fall asleep when I got home, which I did.

So I'm driving there down Terwood Road. It takes about 18 minutes. Then I see the bridge to Bryn Athyn is out. "Follow detour signs to Fetters Mill Road."

There's only one sign. OMG, how will I ever find it. Can't even remember now what I did but thankfully I got there.

Very few cars in the parking lot. Oh no! Did I screw up again? Was it Friday night?

Yesterday, I thought I had a doctor's appointment and drove all the way to the Executive Mews, only to learn the appointment is on Monday.

This is me. It's something I do upon occasion. It's not cuz I'm old or forgetful, tho I am old and forgetful.

Image result for decaf and cookies   Linda Barrett read some amazing poems. She brought her mom, Jane. Something about getting a Ferrari key chain and driving it over the words of a poem, stopping at a period.

She just won $100 from the Montgomery County Community College Writer's Contest for her third place short story. I won NOTHING. 

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Should I "like" the official Ferrari page on FB?

Lynn Levin is leaving on May 11 for Ecuador. She'll visit the Galapagos and the Amazon.

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She'll teach anudder class in July.

Someone, was it YOU, Robin? read a poem by Linda Pastan, born in 1932.

The moment I got home - and I easily found my way home - I went for a walk down the street in the dark to ward off the carbs in the cookies. Walked in my new beloved clogs.

Product DetailsHere's my poem on Leggings:


Layla's leggins will be delivered
to my house in an unmarked package

Not that I wanna look like my
daughter in law, but the leggings
hide everything beneath them

Fat? Not I, the leggings, tho
feathery light, have the keen
ability to hide the
fat mottled thighs

the flabby tummy, filled now
with spaghetti and Paul Newman
tomato sauce

They hide my third kidney
safe in a pocket on my
right side where you'd
keep your money belt
were you traveling to
Amsterdam with Rick Steves

My daughter donated it
and the two of us are
still alive, I spoke
to her tonight in
Brooklyn where she
looks out the window
at her garden
as I look out
upon mine.



I awoke to applause
and they were giving out
awards to the music of
our lives

Linda Ronstadt, John Cage,
Herbie Hancock, I would
fall back to sleep, and
awake to Ruth Brown -
many were deceased or
disabled and could no
longer sing

I lifted my voice to
"When you Want Somebody
to Love," not in a
psychedelic trance
like back at the
Fillmore West and

There she was! Tall
blue hat, standing straight
as a pin oak, beloved
by all, but Nixon

Let's hear it for Jefferson
Airplane. Jorma and Casady
strutted onstage, Jorma
straighfaced while Jack
did the pliees of a Johnny
B Goode,

A stand-in for Gracie belted
out a number as I thought
There's still time
still time
to be a rock and roll star

When I rolled out of bed
I looked out the window
Yes the world is still
there, I am too, and
thought of giving out
a Lifetime Achievement
to the Lord for all the
world's finery

Niagara, Grand Canyon,
Cliffs of Dover, Victoria

but that can wait till
later. Rock stars,
after all, need to
eat. Another cheese
omelet, coming up!
even better than Daddypop's.

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Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today you are 95 years old.
But YOU are never old with that
inquiring mind of yours, interested
in everything. Would you have
an iPhone today? Of course! And
look, you'd be texting us what
you and Mommy will do today.

Exercises first as the therapists
come out to the house. Bad backs run
in the family. And then -
your favorite things - shopping
and eating.

Ellen would drive you to the Willow Grove mall.
You'd both use fancy wooden canes to
navigate as you window-shopped and
heard the bell chimes ring.

Meantime at home, Ruthie and Donna
would prepare the healthy meal - an
everything salad -  Lynn would bring her
pineapple bread pudding - and for dessert
Tanner's ice cream - thanks for picking it up, Lynn -
vanilla with unsalted Planter's peanuts
on top and Hershey's chocolate syrup.

So you see, unforgettable Dad that you are,
we'll always remember you, even as years go by,
quickly as the fast-moving clouds pass by
- look! there's one that looks like a baby
elephant -
for you're the one and only,
the one and only DAD.

Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad!

Lynnie responded she'd bring some Tavener's Drops.

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