Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pure Slush of Australia publishes my Birthday Cake - Diabetes in a progressive disease

Image result for boston cream pie  I learn about these online journals and then submit. My piece is fairly good. My name in the story is Aunt Millie. View it here.

They have top-notch writers on there.

I refined my THE SECURITY GUARD and DISAPPEARANCE and will submit em somewhere.

Just got home from Scott's bc my sugar was 61, so I gorged myself with a black cherry Chobani Yogurt, and finished a salad.

In the above cake Aunt Millie tossed in 'sayings' like you find in fortune cookies.

Spoke to Erich the pharmacist. Confirmed what I'd been noticing. Diabetes is a progressive diz, meaning you need more and more insulin over time.

Par example, I used to inject 10 for breakfast, but would get high readings. Today I injected 12 and my lunchtime reading was normal.

This sober realization has me not wanting to cheat as much.

Am within half hour of finishing  BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. It's terrifying so I'm taking a break, but here I go, back to Scott's to finish it off.

Which one is it?

Image result for behind closed doors book

Image result for behind closed doors book

Image result for behind closed doors book   The heroine's task is to kill her husband.

Isles of Langerhas - click it


The Isles of Langerhas sounds like a lovely place
to visit. In fact, I just bought a ticket on a
cruise ship. Sure wish Lillian Burnley,
former librarian, could be there. She
died of complications of diabetes. 

The brochure informs me that many people
with progressive conditions will be on board.
Each will have their own state room and
steward. We'll all be treated swell, as
our conditions get the jump on us
Hospice will be provided. Just in case.

ALS, Parkinsons, Lou Gehrigs, Lewy Body
Alzheimer's. Songfests will be held on
the Upper Deck as the Atlantic swells
before us. I shall eat my coddled egg
on buttered whole wheat toast and
inject an even 12, as I sashay among
the passengers, thankful mine is
only fucking diabetes.

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