Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hot and humid today - great food - great movies - Poem: The Sushi Place in Hatboro

Just watched a transformational film. Fixed, the movie. Click here.

B/c I travel in a motorized wheelchair at the Giant, I am now part of that community.

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Scott's been sick for about five days but he came over a few minutes ago. Said THE FOX is big and healthy. Scott had scared him away from the Compost Heap but he came back for more Salmon Skin.

And the groundhog was having a great time with my watermelon rind.

He couldn't get pix. But here's a few for you.

The Crepe Myrtle is doing great after having some sort of fungus. Galbally told me to water it daily. I cut off the unsightly funghi.

Yah-hah! Boxer returns from ND meeting, wearing new clothes.... culottes and silky shirt.

Sarah made me a quik breakfast with a couple of garden tomatoes.

On FB I wrote - as if it's funny - Eggs with wax lips that I eat only at Halloween.

 Say - short for Sarah - made these extraordinary shortcakes which you dip in lemon curd. Grated fresh lime from the Giant.


Lime curd:

Hello sunshine. The bee has a special meaning. Am watching movies on Sarah's Amazon Prime. Just watched Mr. Holmes, who raised bees on his estate.

Long film but quite good. 2015
Image result for mr holmes Ian McKellen played the hero with a slight case of dementia. Good grief! They're putting it in all the movies now,

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Cherian recommended I watched Remember, which I did on Amazon. More dementia but what a good film!

Image result for remember film   Also made in 2015, it's a Holocaust movie, starring Christopher Plummer b. 1929 and Martin Landau, b. 1928. Shocking ending.

Okay, what else shall I dazzle you with?

Hard to see. Go straight to the middle and note THE MINT BARK from Stutz Candies. This is their factory. They have anudder store in Warrington and anudder in LBI.

We used to buy the kitchen seconds when we lived across the street at Village Green.

Last night I watched several great docu's. I wanted to rise up from my bed and tell everyone, which I did when I sent out an email this morning.

Never-seen-photos from The Pentagon when it was attacked on 9/11, plus a docu called The Man Who Knew Too Much about John P O'Neill. They lied about him and got him removed from the CIA.

And terrorists of a different sort right here in the USA at Wells Fargo Banks across the country. 

As Keith Shaw wrote when I posted it on FB, some will rob you with a shotgun, some'll do it with a fountain pen (Dylan- Pretty Boy Floyd)

More jabber below poem.


If we drive straight down Byberry
we'll crash straight into Sima Sushi, I
told Sarah.

Instead we parked in a lonesome lot
in the back, the stars lighting our
way inside.

There's never a soul there. Maria
from Seoul suggested we sit by
the window. We ordered cinnamon
tea, strong and powerful, like

the spice from Vietnam, where
it may have come from.
Of course I shan't think of all
the wars, then and now, our country's
responsible for, or the climate change

that's ruining the oceans where our
salmon hails from.
Instead, as I said to Sarah last night,
my mind is quiet. It's no longer sifting

through the billions of files in my
brain. She wondered, is this true?
Maria had a way for me to use chopsticks
and brought out plastic joining tools.

Like training wheels, Sarah laughed, as
she dipped hers in kum chi.
Delicious, she whispered. This is really
good, Mom. The food arrived on a huge wooden

platter. Sarah explained what everything was.
Wrapped in sticky rice was an abundance of
food and I thought I wasn't hungry. My
fondest joy is to make my daughter happy.

Maria showed us how to make Roses out of
napkins on the table. Back in the car,
Sarah wove them onto the rear-view. Can't
wait to see them first thing in the morning.

 Netflix has a truckload of new films etc  Above is a comedian named Jeff Foxworthy - never heard of him - who loves talking about poop and urinating and just launched into something about kidney stones. I will stay tuned.

His buddy is Larry the Cable Guy. Let's find out who he really is.

They're both part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. People jess love em!

Turned it on loud so I could make my salad. My sister Donna bought me a new lemon squeezer, which I did not need. The old one was less complicated. Scott said me old one was rated numero uno on Test Kitchen which we now watch on Netflix.

Scuse me while I eat!

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