Friday, September 16, 2016

Four stories rejected - one story published - TEN DAYS AND TEN NIGHTS - Poem Driving in my Cah Cah

Hey, I found a Christian singer I didn't know about, courtesy of Kim Ruby, on FB.

Steadfast by Sandra McCracken.

And then of course there's God's Highway

Today I got a lot of short stories and poems rejected. And I felt dejected.

But my story TEN DAYS AND TEN NIGHTS was published by Scarlet Leaf Publishing. I got great feedback on FB.

The story was my way of mourning for Stephen Weinstein, who died of cancer a few years ago.

Changing the details, I utilized my trip to The Big Easy for details.

Arleen is below.

They both came to my New Year's Day Party .

Okay, I can't post anything else on here bc of the pictures.... lemme try again... nope.... so I'm gonna post today's FB poem right here.


An obnoxious author named Bryson
is prattling on about his trip
to Great Britain, I snap him
off and toss him in the back
seat where he belongs. With a
flip of the wrist I am listening
to a Mozart Piano Concerto, "the
penultimate one," says the
learned announcer I love

Ten minutes of bliss until
I get to the gas station,
90 cents off, and settle
my car like a hoss at the Red
Pony Bar. A handsome man pumps
ahead of me. One arm is tucked
in his jeans, as he stares
straight ahead at the "Coffee
and Newspaper Stand."

Edward Elgar's on now, he, the
Pomp and Circumstance Man, but
as I settle myself in the saddle,
his music sends me to a tranquil
pond in my huge backyard. I sit
and read while reflections of
bluejays and cardinals skitter
across the water of the pond
I do not have.

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