Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The CAP man cometh, bearing insulation materials - Then comes my landscaper

Here's Tony. His partner Ken refused to be photographed. He said, "I can show you my ID."

No, no, I trust you, I said. This is for my blog.

Dig this sheet of insulation. They also used polyurethane.... all for my crawl space. They said my kitchen floor would be warmer in the cold weather.

I put their completed work order in my "Home Impovement" file. I also asked Ken to show me all the things he did during the 4.5 hours they were here. Luckily, I remembered an exhaust fan in the kitchen that I never use but lets in cold air in the winter.

He insulated it.
Truck-lover that I am.

When Ken left, he asked if he could pick pine needles from Scott's blue spruce tree. He's gonna make pine needle tea.

He said you've gotta be careful not to use the needles of the hemlock tree.

Socrates Drinking Hemlock, by Jacques-Louis David, 1787

After the CAP guys get settled, who should pull up but Jonathan and Tim Stiles, the guys that mowed my lawn last year when Scott was unavailable. The late Bill Sanders removed a backyard tree and did other trimming.
Jon will be studying TURF MANAGEMENT at Delaware Valley College. Jon recently got back from Germany, where he was an exchange student.

For our Book Discussion Group we're reading a book by the late W G  Sebald, who died a few years ago in a car accident, something right out of one of his erudite wordy books.

Oh, no wonder it's hard to read. It's in German.

Jon's younger brother Tim is in his last year in HS. He's a skinny athlete. His fave sport is ice hockey.

Jon got a job at the great Altamonte's Italian Foods on York Road in Warminster.

I used to visit them when they had a smaller store on County Line Road. It was so tiny, you had to squeeze your butt around things to get thru.

The owner used to speak to me in Italian.... you know, the Mediteranean look.

Altomonte's: the place to go to break your fast.

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